LPOH 4.0 | Leaving Prints on 145 Families Despite COVID-19

Like every other intentional organization, we had plans for 2020. But we soon realized that those plans would gradually fade away with the year if we did nothing, especially since we cancelled our PadATeen outreach in March. No thanks to COVID-19.

If you’ve been following us for a while, you should be familiar with our annual community outreach- Leaving Prints On Hearts (LPOH). We were convinced that we would either have to cancel the 4th edition this year or it would take a different turn. The latter seemed more like the case but the question was HOW?

We understand that it’s not been a good time for most people during this period, including our volunteers, as we struggle with finances while trying to stay safe and sane. But then, we wanted to leave prints on hearts and based on previous experiences, we knew it would be worth it if we touched at least one life.

Then came our last minute decision: A FOOD DRIVE!

The initial plan was to do it individually in our locations but we eventually resorted to coming together in twos and threes. The result was providing food to 145 families in six locations across Nigeria and The Gambia over the past weekend.

A breakdown? We got you!

Isheri North GRA Opic, Lagos Nigeria

LPOH 4 Lagos Opic
Volunteers: Adedolapo Olayinka, Boluwatife Adesanya, Adedoyin Olayinka

We provided foodstuff to 10 families and cooked food + snacks to 17 other individuals, including children.

Total: 27

Content of each pack: Beans, Garri, Vegetable Oil, Seasoning Cubes, Salt, Pepper.
This is in addition to the two palliative care package we got from The Joshua Okeowo Foundation, which two families benefited from.

Okorobab Oyingbo, Lagos Nigeria

LPOH 4.0 Lagos Oyingbo
Volunteers: Deborah Agboye, Joy Ohioma, Elizabeth Surulere

We provided foodstuff to 32 families in total.

Content of each pack: Rice, Spaghetti, Tomato paste.

Starlight Area, Ogbomoso Nigeria

We reached out to 40 beggars on the street and gave them foodstuff.

Content of each pack: Rice, Garri, Seasoning Cubes, Salt, Tomato paste.

Egbeda LG, Ibadan Nigeria

We provided foodstuff to 5 families.

Content of each pack: Rice, Beans, Garri, Spaghetti, Seasoning Cubes, Tomato paste.

Eket, Akwa-Ibom Nigeria

We reached out to one family.
Content of each pack: Rice, Spaghetti, Seasoning Cubes, Salt, Pepper, Vegetable Oil.

Latrikunda German, The Gambia

We provided foodstuff to 25 families and distributed spaghetti to 15 children. Total: 40
Content of each pack: Rice, Spaghetti, Tomato paste.


21 Volunteers
113 Families
32 Individuals

Did you know? We left prints on 676 hearts for LPOH 3.0 last year. See details here.

We are always thankful to the team and to everyone who supports us. If you have any suggestion or enquiries, kindly fill the contact form or send us an email via teensmeetonline@gmail.com.

We will also appreciate your donations towards our future outreaches, as we look forward to the next!

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