Update From LPOH 3.0 in 6 Locations + Financial Report

It has been exactly two weeks since the third edition of Leaving Prints On Hearts and we are excited to let you know that we had a great time on the 29th of June 2019. We were in 6 locations across Nigeria (Lagos, Ondo, Ogbomoso, Ile-ife and Calabar) and The Gambia. LPOH couldn’t hold at Ibadan due to some issues that came up at the last minute.

We owe you this report, as always, and at the end of this is our financial report for this project. You can view or download to go over it at your convenience. We appreciate your support all along and hope you stick with us longer.


Venue: AJ City, Boundary market. Ajegunle, Apapa, Lagos State.

Volunteers: Debbie, Victory, Joy, Precious, Miracle, Ibukunoluwakinsha, Simi, Moyin, and Elizabeth.

We had a street outreach in Lagos State and sure had a great time with a major focus on the children and some of the elders.

The children at Ajegunle were incredibly amazing. At the end, We distributed gift items to about 250+ children and over 25 adults who decided to be involved.

We had shoes, some clothing items, writing and reading materials for the children and food for the elders. Gift items were also given to the community leader. We indeed Left Prints On Hearts.

Thanks to the team!


Venue: Ifewara Village. Ile-Ife, Osun State

Volunteers: Promise, Nelson, Olasubomi, Temilorun, Favour Aremu, and Favour Olaiya.

TMO LPOH 3.0 Ile-Ife

We visited the village at Ifewara to Leave Prints On Hearts and it remains a moment we will never forget. Special thanks to the Anglican church for letting us use their space. We had clothes, shoes, rice, biscuits and sweets, etc.

We also prayed, played and did every fun thing you can think of. There were about 50 people in total.

Thanks to the team!


Venue: Lepers’ Colony, Ago Ireti along Oke-arada, Ogbomoso, Oyo State.

Volunteers: Doyinsola and Dolapo.

We visited the Leper’s Colony and did beyond just distributing food and clothing items.

TMO LPOH 3.0 Ogbomoso

We met 17 lepers and they told us how long they had been suffering from this disease and some of them died after the situation became worse. We listened to their stories of hope in the midst of despair. The time we spent there was both emotional and uplifting. We pray they never lose hope.


Venue: Pediatric Unit, Federal Medical Center, Owo, Ondo State.

Volunteers: Olayemi, Samuel, Adetula, Susan, Richard, Oluwatobi, Destiny, Ruth, and Chinaza.

We visited the Pediatric Unit in the Federal Medical Center at Owo, Ondo State. We prayed with the patients & the family members around & also distributed some items to them. We pray that they become whole again & that their family never lose hope. We were able to leave prints on 32 hearts.

Thanks to the team!


Venue: Marian Market, Calabar.

Volunteers: Victor, Oddfelix, Denis

It’s our first outreach Calabar and we had a health seminar focused on the important of your health and checking your vital signs. About 17 people were in attendance.

Thanks to the team. Finally, we have an all-men team. Yikes!


Venue: Sandali Village, Gunjur, The Gambia.

Volunteers: Faith, Oyin, Oladi, Susan, Grace, Amelia, Tina, Alison, Daniel, and Taiwo.

We visited Sandali Village and reached out to members of the community.

We went with foodstuff, writing materials, lots of clothes and shoes and our beautiful selves.

We took the children outside to play games, sing and share the word with them (all these with candies and writing materials). The adults also had their own dose of the word inside the building and yes, we had 22 new converts. Glory to God! (Interestingly, we also had 22 last year).

The next round was distribution of clothes and shoes for both children and adults. They all picked till they couldn’t anymore (that was how much we had). We also gave out foodstuff.

TMO LPOH 3.0 The Gambia
TMO LPOH 3.0 The Gambia

Like we did last year, we turned over lists of new converts to the church in that area for follow-up. It only gets better. In total, we had about 260 people.

Thanks to the team!

That’s all about the report in each location. Thank you so much for supporting us towards this LPOH 3.0, as you always have. We love and appreciate you.

As promised earlier, here is the financial report for LPOH 3.0 for you to download:

Are there any ways you think we can get better? Do not hesitate to share with us in the comments below or send an e-mail to teensmeetonline@gmail.com. We look forward to hearing from you!

See you next year at Leaving Prints On Hearts 4.0 where we leave prints on more hearts!

The goal is to do better and to do more and while we put our trust in God, we also count on you to support us in any little way you can.

If you’ll like to join the #TMOArmy, simply click here and follow the guideline. 

Click to read up on LPOH 2.0 that held in 2018.


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