LPOH 3.0 | Community Outreach with a Difference!

In the last two years, we have been able to successfully hold two community outreaches tagged Leaving Prints On Hearts altogether in 5 locations in Nigeria (Lagos, Ondo, Ogbomoso, Ile-Ife) and The Gambia. This year, it will be in 6 locations, with Ibadan being the addition!

{Read updates from the two previous editions here}

Interestingly, this edition will be one like never before, as it will involve both location-specific and individual outreaches!

This means you can be a part of this even if you are outside any of our active locations in Nigeria (Lagos, Ibadan, Ile-Ife, Ogbomoso, Ondo) and The Gambia.

The idea is to ensure that, unlike previous years, your location shouldn’t be a constraint to joining us in Leaving Prints On Hearts.

Here is how it will work:

1. Our official date is on the 29th of June, where we all go out to reach out to others. Simply do yours in your own (little) way by acts of random kindness. Put a smile on someone’s face in any way possible. It could be buying someone a lunch, paying someone’s transport fare, making someone smile/happy, giving out old items, etcetera.

2. Tweet at us @teensmeetonline or make a post on Instagram or Facebook tagging us to let us know what you did and how you took part in this outreach. Use the hashtag #LPOH3 and we’ll gladly repost!

3. You can also buy our shirt by filling this form, bit.ly/TMOshirt. The earlier you order, the better!

TMO Team
Yeah! Hello!

4. We still need financial support for the location-specific ones.

To contribute financially, kindly pay into GTB 0165112122 or send an email to teensmeetonline@gmail.com. We will appreciate your contribution in any way.

We accept material things too in specific locations, which will be announced soon.

A quick brief about #LPOH with #TMO

The idea is to reach out (as Teenagers and Young Adults) to others/the community. This includes the less privileged, street kids, orphanages, homes of the elderly, school of the blind, village communities, etc.

This is one outreach where the focus isn’t on Teenagers but rather, from Teenagers and Young Adults to others.

And of course, we’ll be glad to have you onboard with us!💃

Kindly share this with others and let us know if you’ll be joining us on this journey.

You can also follow us on our social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for updates on the outreach.

Want to be an official part of the army? Here’s the form to fill.


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