Take Charge of Your Life!

There are two sets of people in life; those who watch things and those who make things happen.

Which category do you belong?

As the scenes of this movie called LIFE plays along daily, we are caught doing one of these two things: watching it or being an actor in it. This is just a simplified categorization of people living on earth. To be watching LIFE happen means you are not involved and not totally concerned about how your life is being managed. You are basically not involved in active decision making on the issues of your life. You will rather sit still and allow anything to happen. An actor is concerned about what happens to him, so he takes conscious efforts in making something out of whatever he is given.

Indifference is can be simply defined as your refusal to participate in the running of things.

It can be beneficial to sit still at some point and allow things happen but it doesn’t always work. Will you live satisfied by life happening just enough for you to barely survive and not the way you want it? You might not and cannot control everything that happens but the little power of making the choice of what to do with what happens to you, what have you done with it?

In our bid not to be disappointed by life, we have settled for little or nothing. We don’t have expectations. We abort our desires and dreams from inception because we think it can never be possible and life won’t allow it to be possible.

Yes, life won’t because you didn’t!

The bitter pill to swallow is that you are responsible for your life, so no matter what you come across so don’t let anything bury your expectations. Expect. Dream. Desire!

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The reason why you could sit and watch things happen in your life without acting is because you actually don’t want anything. What you want is what will drive you to act. When you thirst, you find water!

You have to consciously make decisions concerning your life because it is yours and no one will live it for you. You are either making someone suffer because of you or not. Your inaction and indecisiveness have repercussions. So, decide firmly to act, else life happens on its own while you are watching! When that happens, please do not complain.

Choose! Be actively involved in the choice process affecting your life. If someone else chooses for you, let it be because you consent to it. Our experiences in Life are simply a product of our choices; good or bad. Take responsibility for your choices and actions. You owe no one the joy and sorrows of successes and failure even though it may affect those close to you. You alone will have to suffer the consequences of your actions.

Take charge! Direct the course of your life by being able to stand up to your choices even when if they fail.

You will have to take time out to carefully review your life, know if you are progressing or retrogressing. Evaluate your Life! Be able to ascertain that your message is communicated correctly to your audience because that will determine if your life had a meaning or made no impact.

You should be able to quantify and qualify the results of your efforts because this gives you room to know what step is needs to be taken. It helps you know whether your decisions and actions are worth it or not. It helps you get a hold of your life.

The message in this post is as simple and clear; you can live your life the way you want if you only commit to be actively involved in how is happens!

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The question “What is in your hands?” has a simple answer which is your LIFE! The only thing we can possibly say you own is your life. You are what you make of it! So, live Life, don’t watch Life! Take Charge of it!

How do you intend to take charge of your life from this moment onward?

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