Go Out and Make Something of Yourself!

They say this life (world) is the survival of the fittest. Many of us know this word but have killed it; we don’t want to admit the fact that there is a big difference between pleasure and surviving. It’s not until you are going to parties and doing the fun thing before you get pleasure but it is a painful truth that many of us are just living a life of pleasure.

The society we are in now is all built on pleasure and the THIRST of pleasure can drive us to do crazy things.

We all want to post pictures like they do, we also want to be in beautiful locations like them. Don’t get me wrong. Let’s look at these two terms: Pleasure and Surviving.

  • Pleasure: it will make you do despicable things.
  • Surviving: it will make you put yourself out there.

I am sure some of us have experienced LOSING FRIENDSHIPS due to the circumstance that they are doing well, BETTER than myself (let me personalize it). I am just here, he has gained admission into the university and I am still at home. She is now a BIG girl and doesn’t have my time. He/she won’t want to relate with me because I am just here and have not achieved anything.

If you are still in that category, I beg you to get up and make something of yourself.

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Are you feeling sad or disappointed that you are done with the university and you are not practicing your dream job or that you are not at the same level as your friend?

Are you feeling sorry for yourself because you have not been given that admission into the university and you feel you are not at the same level as your friend? Or that God hates you?

Well, we all have different areas where we are affected by these changes, but the question is: what are you doing about it?

I am sure many of us have gone through this particular phase. Of course, let’s never forget the first step of making something out of you is to acknowledge God. God will always be mentioned in all my endeavours. I don’t know about you.

Permit me to quote a bible verse,

O LORD, I know the way of man is not in himself: it is not in man that walketh to direct his steps

Jeremiah 10: 23

This means that there is no better way to do anything in life than to ask God for the directive, for he is the maker of heaven and earth. He knows what is best for YOU. He knows the road you must take to succeed. So if you think you want to be successful without intervening God, then you have not started at all.

Once you have invited God to direct your steps, the rest is a GO. That your friend might have acknowledged God and you haven’t.

Many of us LOVE to hide under the EXCUSE of “You don’t know what that XYZ is doing that he has money or that he is making it”

I am sorry, but you won’t progress with that kind of mindset. That XYZ is putting him/herself out there carrying God along, while you are there wallowing in your misconception. Make no mistake, some people are also giving the excuse of: “His/her family is rich that’s why they were able to do THIS”

Sit down there (sorry to say). Even that rich kid is putting himself out there, making things happen and acknowledging God for his works. People who are living a far terrible life that you are mourning about have stepped up their LIFE. Don’t wait for “I want to have this before I can start”, “I don’t have that, that’s why I can’t do this”.

You must come out from that bondage. Yes! I said BONDAGE. There is a saying that goes:

A person who doesn’t have much and will not give- who says when he HAS he would give?

The fact that you lack some privileges in life, what are you doing about it? Even if you are given those privileges, what will you do with it?

So, yes, we already know that not everybody is born with a silver spoon. We are over that already. ACT and create your silver spoon, don’t sit down there and join those with that perceptive.

This topic might seem as though you already have an idea of it but what have you done with it so far?

You probably know REMA- a Nigerian singer-songwriter. Many of us thought, including me, that he was some rich kid who got sponsored by his parents. Well, that is a lie. Rema, at a young age, lost his father and elder brother in Benin but because of his drive to change his life, he struggled. He left home at the age of 15.

Imagine, he travelled to Cotonou, spent a year there and went to Ghana from there. Going from studio to studio pushing his career as an Artiste who didn’t have any support, learning the style of music in those countries he went to. Also, doing regular jobs so he could come home with enough money and buy his mum a car.

To cut the long story short…

Yes, most of us will want to say it’s a lie and that he did some dubious jobs, I am sorry but we all have to come out of that shell.

Stop thinking of how other people made their life and start making yours!

Rema came back home with some amount of money to help his mum and to pursue his career (paying for studio sessions) only to do a cover video of a song (Spiderman) and he was taken from there. He was signed by MAVINS RECORD LABEL.

You have to start by helping yourself. Have you helped yourself? Are you helping yourself?


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You are sitting down where you are, saying you lack some things. Some even conclude that God doesn’t exist. You will never know the outcome of something until you do it. Believe me, I have been there. When you act, you will be surprised at the support you will get. You will be surprised at the success you will make.

Some weeks ago, a friend made this statement:

I think what makes it hard for people to achieve goals in life is the spirit of fear.

Why don’t you come out of that fear, out of that doubt and trust in HIM to guide you and ACT?

Are you ready to take charge of your life and make something out of yourself? I’ll like to hear your thoughts in the comments.


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