Health Tips for this Month

The state of being completely healthy comprises of your physical, mental and emotional well-being. Often times, most people think that being healthy involves staying free from diseases. While this is true, our total well being includes our physical, mental, psychological and emotional health.

Here are some important health tips for you;

Eat Healthy Diet

Junk foods like noodles, spaghetti, etc are not healthy foods. However, these are the kind of food most teens love to eat. You should be eating healthy foods that contain vegetables, protein and necessary vitamins. Also endeavor to take enough water daily. It helps to increase your growth and development.

Exercise Regularly

Did you know that maintaining a high fitness level at teenage age, sets you up to be healthier later in life? It prevents future health issues like heart disease and more. Having regular exercise helps to improve your cognitive skills (attention and concentration). It also helps you to stay fit and healthy.

Keep yourself and environment clean

Staying in an unclean environment can lead to different health issues such as cholera, etc. Make sure your surroundings are always clean. Clear up the gutters and litters. It’s advisable to take your bath twice daily. Brush your teeth daily as well. All these would help you stay healthy.

Develop a good balance between school work and other activities

Often times, most teens don’t know how to create a balance between all their activities. This eventually leads to stress, altering their mental health. It is expedient that you set your priorities right. Have a to-do list with your most important activities first. Avoid multi-tasking. This would help stabilize your mental health.

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Learn to say NO

There are some irrelevant activities that don’t give value to you, avoid them. These activities could be mentally draining. However, even if there are relevant, consider your schedule; would you have time to out the task? If NO, then politely decline. Having too many tasks often leads to stress, anxiety and depression, especially when the tasks are not carried out on time.

Know your priorities and work with that. Learn to say NO when necessary. It’s important for your mental well-being.

Have Enough Sleep

Did you know that rest had a strong effect on your ability to concentrate and do well. It is important to have enough sleep, at least 7 hours daily. Take a chill pill. Do some self care practices.

Have regular check-ups with your Doctor

When was the last time you visited a doctor for check-up? For some, it could be a month ago or even a year or more. Well, it’s necessary to have regular check-ups to enable the doctor ensure that you are healthy and fit. Visit a doctor today. Your health is important.

Ensure you apply all these tips to stay healthy and strong. I’m rooting for your health.

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Let’s meet in the comments below and discuss the health tips you would applying this month.


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