Healthy Food Choices On the Go

As humans, one of the very first things we consciously learnt was feeding. Yes, feeding. Little wonder, there was little or no probing before a baby suckled from its mother.

As we grow, we tend to need certain nutritional supplements to make up, essential ones that could only be found in healthy diets.

I wouldn’t call it a cliche, a saying goes thus, “you are what you eat”. Some people like myself eat heavily, yet I’m slim. Funny, don’t mind me.

I nod in affirmative to the saying. We are actually what we eat; no wonder if you feed healthy, you stay healthy but due to certain genetics and all that, it might not always turn out on the scale we grade it. It is evident that a healthy meal goes a long way, many people fall victim to deficiency diseases due to unwholesome diet.

Everyone seems to be on the go, whether it is about work, school, a meeting, or more. This basically serves as an excuse to not eat. And on the other hand, some people just eat to keep their mouths busy.

Whether on the go or in your comfort zone or relaxed corner, remember to eat healthily.

A lot of people actually bother about cost of feeding while on the go, well the good news is you can actually pack these meals.

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Some healthy food choices on the go include:

1. Veggies

source: pexel

While on the go, if you feel urged to stop by a fast-food, bypass the junks and grab a plate of salad instead, it will do you more good. You could spice it up with a piece of chicken.

2. Toast

source: pexel

On days when I spend longer hours at school, I just grab a toast bread at the cafeteria and I’m good to go, I get my proportion of a balanced diet too.

3. Healthy snacks

source: pexel

If you ever think of grabbing a snack, I suggest the ones with not just a relish of satisfaction but of nutritional value, e.g roasted plantain and groundnut, bean cakes, etc. A few junks have veggies in them, by the way, like shawarma. Although if you are watching your calories, it might not be a good idea.

4. Milkshakes

source: pexel

An essential diet to the body is milk, you could go an extra mile and opt for fruit infused and a spice of cashew nuts if you are not allergic.

5. Fruits

source: pexels

All the vitamins to keep you up. Remember, “An apple a day, keeps the doctor away”. Fruits are an all rounder.

6. Cereals

source: pexels

If you can break a few minutes away while on the go, you could grab a cup of custard, tea, amongst others.

7. Supplementary meals

source: pexels

Don’t be in a rush to just eat something and zoom off. If you get a break for meals, combine the meals; rice and stew with beef, beans and plantain, etc. Just key into a balanced diet. You can have these meals packed.

8. Water

Dehydration comes with being on the go, so, drink water in good measure.

‘Health is wealth’, good living attributes to a healthy diet. Eat right, and live right, remember you only live once.

Do you try to consistently eat healthy? If no, what’s your plan to make this a habit?

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