A Sunday Haze Experience: Awakening the Passion in Your Life

This time of the year in Nigeria is the Harmattan season and it is usually interesting. You wake up most days to drying and freezing atmosphere. In the afternoon, you will have to bear the heat of a scorching sun. You will sweat profusely, regardless of the kind of cloth you put on. Back to the bed, it is so cold that all you want to do is just curl up and sleep tight on your bed. Every morning, especially Sunday mornings, I have observed the weather is a special kind of something; blurred visibility, dusty air and dry air with foggy-like sight. I found out that it is called Haze.

This Sunday Morning Haze experience presents an allusion to passion to in our lives that I want us to explore.

Passion, they say, is required to achieve happiness and success in life. But sometimes, there isn’t that feeling of the energy surging through our blood like we think passion is.

To some of us, life is just a routine; there is nothing different or exciting. So we sought to break out of this, yet we were told we need passion. We found out that we need to awaken the passion in our lives.

It is true, Passion is the energy we need to fuel ourselves to bring our dreams to reality. If we lack it, our lives will be motionless and routine.

We need it to drive through the rough roads of life. We need it to achieve spectacular success. We need it to be grounded in happiness. So, if you have been leading a passionless life. Please, awake from your slumber. It is cold outside, you need warmth from the inside to survive and thrive!”

Let us take cues from one of my experiences on a Sunday Morning Haze on how to awaken the passion in our lives!

This Sunday Morning…

An alarm was supposed to wake me up by 3AM but I slept so much that I didn’t even hear it ring. I eventually woke up some minutes past 8AM. It was so cold that I didn’t want to stand up. The air was freezing and drying, a drop of water on your body dries at the speed of light. It took so much courage to get up from my bed. I just had to because I must be in church.

That single reason took me off the bed. It made me walk into the bathroom and do the impossible; a bath with cold water on a cold morning in harmattan. That reason was so strong that I brushed my teeth with cold water and dressed up even though it was cold and freezing. I have not experienced winter or snow but I have experienced harmattan and I know how it feels to do all that without warm water.

The Lesson

You need a reason to be passionate. No one would teach you to be passionate but you will be passionate beyond your imaginations if you find a reason to.

Despite that cold, I was able to muster the strength to do all that because I had reason to.

A friend of mine when we departed Senior Secondary School told me something. She said “Find something you like to do so much that you will gladly do it for nothing and if you learn to do it so well, someday people will be happy you pay for it”.  I don’t know where she got that from but it was definitely something I can’t just forget. It speaks so much of finding a purpose for your life. And if you think it is just one of those things they say, you may have to reconsider if you truly want to awaken the passion in your life.  Look inwards. Pray, ask for the reason you were created and pursue it. Passion will come no matter what.

The Night before…

It is very important you know that the night before this particular morning was not a good one. I slept with mixed feelings. Judging by how the night went, the next day was so unpromising. I could not even bring myself to even think of what I was supposed to do. The only thing I knew was that I would go to Church the next morning. The funny thing was that this night wasn’t very cold and it did not even give a warning of a very cold morning. It was just one of those ‘nights’.

The Lesson

There are always discouraging times. A happy day may turn sad for you. Life does not give warnings all the time for bad days. When you find yourself in one, your passion is needed to keep you going.

It is going to take a personal effort for you not get discouraged so you need a strong reason; a reason that can stand the test of time.  A noble reason that lasts long and reasons like that should be impacting lives of others positively.

Only those kind of reasons can stand the test of time. So you have to check your reasons if it is not based on selfish premonitions. It should be a reason that is grounded in love nothing more nothing less.

The Rest of the Day…

This day, in particular, was a cold one. Everything was just cold. The air was freezing and drying. It looked as if the Sun went on a break. I don’t know what kept me going.

I did a lot of things that day even after Church. I listened to the Sermon and was happy. I saw other people like me that defeated the Haze and I was just happy. At the end of the day, I realized that despite the cold, what kept me going was the warmth on the inside. I also noticed that all day, I was desperate. I was desperate to cook (I was so hungry), desperate to get the purposes for all my activities achieved. To crown it all, I was just ecstatic all day that I achieved my aims.

The Lesson

Your passion will sustain and preserve you. It will fuel you and get you to your destination.

You can say a desperate person is passionate but that is if you are desperate for a reason. Your energies are pulling you and pushing you towards attaining your aims. Once the aim is set, passion fires you all out to reach it.  You will see the ways you have never seen before. You do beyond what you dream if you let your passion lead.

The joy that comes with achieving your aims is just indescribable. You will only experience it if you follow your passions and achieve your aims.


The Sunday Haze could not stop me because I had a reason. I was able to focus my energies and as I went on, I forgot that it was cold and freezing on the outside because I had warmth on the inside. So, my dear friends, to find your feet back on track, you need passion and you have to find a reason for that passion. Find a reason to be passionate and keep on getting reasons to!

You will only find passion with a purpose attached to it!

When you catch a glimpse of your potential, that is when passion is born

Zig Ziglar

I will leave you to think about that.

Let’s passionately find our way to the Top!

I hope you got something from this. Do leave a comment below and don’t forget to subscribe to this blog to not miss a post.


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