Handling a Smooth Love Life as a Teenager – 1

We’re in the world for lots of beautiful purposes and having a love life now or later is certainly not an exception. In the world today, it has become normal to have someone you can call a love partner.

My last article revolved around the blurry realities of teenagers doing fine with a love life. My conviction about it is still certain. However, certain judgements shouldn’t be applied to the general view of people.

As much as love life isn’t what most teenagers can handle, there are a few or more nice relationships with foundations laid during teenagehood. We never can tell, some might be destined to connect their life companions from a very tender age if at all you believe in destiny, Yeah?

In cases where you just naturally have a love life and it’s playing out well, all you need do is get to know what it requires to handle one successfully.

Tips to Handling a Love Life Successfully as a Teenager

1. Organizing

It takes an organized person to successfully organize a relationship. If you’re not organized yourself, I don’t see how you can organize another person.

This demands that you clarify what you want, what you need and what you don’t. You don’t do things at a random pace, there has to be a touch of intentionality on your actions. You have to write out how many times a week you’ll be meeting with your partner and how many hours you’ll spend. How long will your calls and chats be? The work becomes a lot easier when you are well organized.

2. Prioritising

Mastering the art of prioritising would not only help your love life but also in every way.

Prioritising is one thing you can’t do away with if you don’t want to watch your love life crash. You break things down to their barest bits, you differentiate what’s worth doing at the moment from what’s not.

There are some things that your failure to do them could cost you a whole lot, and there are things which wouldn’t make a huge difference if you don’t do them. It takes prioritising to do well in this matter. You must prioritise your love life.

Don’t take anything for granted, don’t take chances, because when you do, you’re invariably ridiculing the beauty of the relationship.

A perfect example of prioritising, in this case, is celebrating your partner’s birthday and also being busy with studies. While your studies are very important, so is your partner’s birthday. If you are with someone who holds birthdays in high regard, you may want to create time to say hello and wish them a happy birthday before going back to your studies. They should also be able to understand that your studies are as important and mean a lot to you.

These two key things, Organizing and Prioritising, could help you manage your love life with your studies and other things you do.

Remember that being in a relationship should be secondary to you as a teenager, especially if you do not plan on getting married anytime soon. But then, if you are in your late teens and in a committed relationship that is making headway, then you really should learn to prioritise and be organized

Anticipate the subsequent part of this post.

See you at the top.

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