Let the Butterflies Be

Last week was Valentine’s, and as I thought about the picture perfect love I would love to have, I realized that there are many reasons why relationships won’t work for some people if they bask in the euphoria of the worldly view of Valentine.

I thought of the butterflies feelings we get when we think of those we love and would love to be with and realized that it’s not enough just to sustain both parties.

So, I penned down my thoughts and I hope it speaks to you in time and on time.

If you know you won’t give me space to fly high like a bird.
Let the butterflies be.
If you know that you are scared of freedom.
Don’t let your butterflies out.

Having butterflies in you whenever you see me is good, but making me feel free with you is best.
If your butterflies will fly away, the day I say yes, then let them be just where they are right now.

The best feelings you can get is that of butterflies, but what’s the best in it, if you will still hold on to the past?

If you don’t see the future with me, let the butterflies be.
If you are not going to be serious with me, just let me be.

Relationships are not for the weak at heart, but for the matured, the prepared and the ready ones. So, if you are not the latter, let the butterflies be, I beg of you.

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