Aligning Your Life with God’s Plan

One thing that always gives me a sense of purpose at the face of the worst issues of life is the truth and fact that “God has beautiful plans for me”.

We are not living as vagrants nor a piece of trash; we don’t live for living sake, we are living because God has a plan for our lives.

This God is an intentional God, he does nothing by accident nor mistakes nor out of compulsion! He does things with substantial reasons.

Jeremiah 29:11 tells us how colourful and glamorous his plans for us are. Even At the Genesis of creation, he had fulfilling plans and purposes for every man and woman, boy, and girl, old and young!

This plan is mysteriously simple, it is not complex, neither is it complicated. It is just so unique and flawless that you cannot afford to get it wrong!

God’s plan for your life and your friend’s is emphatically different, just like your own plans for your life could as well be different from God’s!

You could have this fiery passion to care for the well-being of people around you. Painting smiles on the faces of despaired people could be your childhood dreams, it could be a heart thriller for you too. You are also probably a science student and you’re satisfactorily excellent in your core subjects. That alone has naturally defined your career life, exploring the medical field in the nearest future looks palpably appealing, right? Yeah, I never said you shouldn’t aim fine but what makes you sure this is where God wants you? What if he wants to utilize you in other areas of life for his own glory alone? This is why you need to be circumspect on the cusp of making decisions/choices and plans in life.

Consulting God must be number one! Check your plans with his, decipher what exactly he is saying about your case, be sure your plan is lining up with his because if it doesn’t, I’m afraid you’re beginning to have problems which may not be visible to you until later. And get something right, your plans can never outwit God’s plan.

Proverbs 16:25
There is a way that seems right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.

No matter how defined and fine your plans for your life are, if it doesn’t tally with God’s, destruction, retardation, and failure will show up in the long run.

The reason many people are struggling and hustling to break even in their field/career/business is quite traceable to their digression from God’s plan for their lives. You will not stop falling and failing back and forth if you’re outside his plans for your life.

Those projects you have been doing over and over time and still isn’t working, does God want you doing them? Are you sure you haven’t veered?

John Benvene said something and I quote:

You cannot call Jesus your Lord and run your life.

No, it is not right. You don’t run your life, God does! Because you are a man and prone to failure without God’s backing.

A toy you make as a man will serve your purposes of creating it. Whatever it tries on itself will not work.

This is how weak and hapless we are outside God’s plan. We can’t work without his works, we can’t go far all by ourselves. We have to grasp what his plans are for our lives and walk in the realisation of those plans.

A house that is being built with a building plan eases the labourers of their labour because the plan unveils the way forward for them, spares them time and gives them a perfect finishing.

All round success and ease becomes the order of the day when your life starts aligning with the plan of God for you. Greatness would keep unfolding on a timely basis because you are treading on the right path. You’re not just treading, you are treading in light of what lies ahead and beyond!

You can never be grounded living the plans of God for your life. He will equip you with all it takes to journey safe and should you by chance be stuck? He’ll so come through for you, he has never forsaken his beloved neither has he left them hanging for once! If you really are living according to his plans for you, your case would be no exception!

More prerequisite to all I’ve been writing is the salvation of your soul and having the holy spirit of God inside of you.

It is just the chief factor to living according to God’s plan. A life without Christ already is a life of total and deep darkness and a life void of God’s Spirit is a life that lacks direction.

Like I earlier said, we are humans and very weak such that we may get to fall and fail at some points. Living and trusting the plans of God for our lives is a supernatural action that mere humans can’t undertake, it requires an extraordinary encounter with Jesus! This is why you need to be saved and filled with the Holy Spirit so your spiritual senses can pop open, receptive and comprehensive to his plans and purposes for your life!

His plan is the master plan you need!

Life only has meaning when we start living the way God wants us to live.

It is most crucial!

I hope this encourages you to always walk in line with God’s plan for your life. Feel free to leave a comment below and don’t forget to subscribe to this blog to not miss a post.


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