The Family: Building the Society


The world we are in now is in such a confused state. So many of our morals and values have been lost. The abnormal is now the new normal and everyone is just moving with the tide. The family as an institution has lost its essence, and every other thing including the family is affected. When you see a large number of people together, the smallest unit is the individual who obviously is from a family.

The family that each individual is from determines the kind of values and morals he or she upholds. The family instils all that makes up an individual. Therefore, an individual is a representation of his or her family.

If a family is what makes up an individual, this means that the family is what produces the kinds of individuals we have in society today. The fact remains that every action of an individual has an effect on society at large. So wherever the world is right now and the stage the world is now is as a result of what the family has instilled in individuals.

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The Family

The term “Family” is a word almost everyone can say something about it because it is the first place every human is introduced to. So our first tears, laughters, walks, talks, mischiefs and all of that were with the family. Of course, situations in the world has changed in such a way that not everyone was exposed to a family right from birth. However, one way or the other, the family has groomed every man in their own way.

Generally, the family is known as the first social institution a child is exposed to. It is beyond an institution that houses the father, mother and children. It is a social institution that creates a basis of socialization for new individuals born into it, provides practical and emotional supports for its members, regulates sexual reproduction and most importantly, provides each of its members with a social identity. The aspect of giving its members a social identity is what this article will be exploring.

An individual is a mirror or reflection of the king of the family he or she comes from. Consciously or unconsciously, the family grooms each of its members into whoever they become.

The social identity that a family gives its children affects their life chances and decisions. This is why the family is a very important unit in the building of a society.

The Society

Society is an institution that hosts a number of families living together in the same geographical location. This is true but not in its entirety because society now transcends a geographical location due to civilization and the internet. Individuals are no longer just molded by their geographical locations, they are also molded by cultural and traditional differences they get exposed to on the internet.

Furthermore, in all human societies, the family is a primary social unit that is even older than religion or state. Over time, the family has contributed largely to what a society is and what their moral standards are also. Society needs a proper understanding of the family to build positive-minded individuals.

Individuals from each family in society get to interact with other individuals from other families and in such ways, values -both positive and negative- are passed from one person to another. The family must therefore strive and do its best to instil positive attributes in their children. This is to ensure that positivity then runs in the society at large.


Parenting is all about raising a child. If we want to have a positive value-oriented society, our parenting has to be positively top-notched. Everyone says parenting is a very tasking and difficult discipline but that is when we try to do it based on our knowledge. This would get us nowhere. However, when we surrender to the leadings of the holy spirit in teaching and training our children, it becomes easier for us and we would know who to always turn to for directions when it seems difficult.

Our society today is what it is because of failed parenting. When we instil the right attitudes in our kids right from their little age and also commit them into the hands of God to lead them aright in all of their decisions, then society would be a better place. We need parents who are not afraid to raise their kids for the lord despite society’s state. We need parents who are ready to hand it all over to God and allow God himself to lead their kids. We need parents who would not be tossed to and fro by the happenings of society but are determined to raise their kids for the lord.

Outside Jesus, parenting is nothing. Let your kids know Jesus at their very tender age. Let your kids be exposed to common sense. Let your kids grow up having encounters with Jesus. A life that has been groomed for the lord will affect society positively.

Attributes of Families Building the Society

1. Commitment

A family that wants to contribute positively to its society should be committed to one another. They should always ensure to put one another first and show love. It is the family that brings up its members with commitment, loyalty and love that will be able to extend the same to society.

2. Spend Time With One Another

Despite all busy schedules, a family that wants to impact its society positively should always spend time together. This will enable them to continually know each member more as well as learn other positive values. This will also ensure that they correct one another when a member is almost going in the wrong direction.

3. Appreciate one another

Let your family members know that you value and appreciate them. This will create a sense of belonging and as well help your family members impact others positively.

4. Know Christ

Know Christ as a family. Know Christ as individuals in a family. Let your family members grow to know and speak about Christ to others.


A society building family will contribute positively to this already spoilt world and make this world a better place. Do not instil negative values in your kids. Ensure that they impact others positively and not allow themselves to be impacted negatively. It is high time the family stood up to its God-given responsibility and reclaim the long lost souls for Christ.

How are you, as the member of a family, taking part in making the world a better place? Think about it and share this post with someone.


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