Questions to Ask about Your Lifestyle

Who are you?

This is a question of identity and when asked, the first response people give is their name. In part, they are correct but your name alone doesn’t define you. So, who are you?

Your identity is crafted from your Maker as every product is best known from the description of its manufacturer. Hence, the definition of you is gotten from the scriptures; who God says you are!

What are your values?

A proper definition of you will outline your values; what you stand for, what people know you for. Your core values are qualities you don’t compromise. They are things you give importance to. Your values could be integrity, discipline, generosity, purity, etc

How do you see yourself?

Most times we want people to see the best in us when ninety-nine percent of the time we assume the worst of ourselves.

Your lifestyle is merely a reflection of you. It’s a mirror-image of your attitudes and values. What your lifestyle says about you is actually what you say about yourself. You can’t expect to be seen as a disciplined person when indiscipline is your way of life.

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Work at seeing yourself the way God sees you, get your values right and be sure that your lifestyle will speak positive volumes of you.


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