Decluttering Your Mind

Imagine if your mind were shaped as a set of wires that are intertwined and form a loop. You get the idea? That is exactly how your troubled mind looks like. I bet it will take a long while to sort the loops. 

You might be poor, your shoes might be worn out, your hopes broken but your mind is a palace. Do not let anyone or anything walk through it with their dirty prints. 

Thoughts are stored in the mind- an enclosed box that triggers actions, so keep it tidy. Flush the unnecessary bundles, purge it out! 

What does it mean to declutter?

In simple terms, Decluttering means tidying. It’s an act of setting things in their proper place, letting go of the excesses. 

When you purge your mind, the waste product is eliminated and a fresh fire is reignited. 

Decluttering could be hard because you need to take an unbiased stand, you don’t let things remain in your life just because you love them. You have to learn what’s worth loving and what’s not. This cancels out hoarding. 

Why is it important to declutter? 

“As a man thinketh, so is he”, a statement culled from the holy book is a perfect reason to declutter. 

If your thoughts are looped, there’s a great tendency your physical appearance will look just the same. 

What is there to declutter? 

It might sound foreign but there are lots to declutter They are now graded as junks dumped in your mind, the same way you do to your unwanted stuff locked away in pantries or basements. Those hurting memories, unplanned schedules, tons of to-do lists, castles of worries, but to mention a few. 

How do I declutter? 

1. Start from your physical environment. A physical clutter will definitely lead to a mental clutter. If your location was in jeopardy, your brain will likely take this in and communicate to your mind, thereby leaving you out of phase. 

2. Write it down. A wise man once said “the faintest ink is much better than the sharpest mind”. Keep it in a note, it helps your sanity, you don’t have to go haywire wondering about the information you might not recall. 

3. Let go of the past, do not mourn for it. This is one of the most unhealthy junk you can relive your memory of. It pollutes your mind, flush it out!

4. Stop multitasking, you aren’t a machine. The earlier you realize this, the better. Multiple thoughts at the same time will leave you clueless. 

5. Set a limit. You can’t keep loading thoughts into your mind. 

6. Delete the fears. A lot of people run their minds wild because of worries, fears of the unknown, don’t be pushed around by the fears in your mind. 

7. Be decisive. Most people cannot make decisions, because they keep their options locked away in their minds. Once you learn the art of decision making, even your mind will thank you, wonder how? 

Thinking is the way you talk to yourself. 

8. Build a scale of importance. Nothing beats a well-arranged plan, it makes routines orderly. 

Your mind is a wild thing and will run where it will. Don’t set it loose like a mad swine.

Dogs love to chew bones, your mind outrightly loves to get its teeth into problems, don’t wear it out, you might lose all your teeth. 

If you were to watch your mind at work, what would you find? Do not be lost in your own mind. 

Some people are alive but dead in their minds. Purge the excesses, declutter and fix the puzzle.

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What steps do you intend to take today towards decluttering your mind?


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