This is How to Light Up Your Mind

What would you say is your worst experience of darkness? Would you truly say it’s always darkest before dawn? Or perhaps you’ve witnessed some horrible lunar eclipse that made you doubt the true capacity of the sun?

Have you ever, in the dead of the night, banked on the ‘Nepa-powered’ bulb while on your way to the toilet and whoof, off it goes. How do you feel? Would you call that darkness?

Now, that’s a healthy digress before we pounce on the main meal, call that an appetizer. So, on to the main dish…

Our definition of terrifying darkness differs, and this article isn’t meant to explore that. Rather, we are tempted to look at one thing everyone who’s ever experienced darkness think, in common, as the non-negotiable remedy; light!

Either compelled by the dead of the night, occasioned by the confines of nooks and crannies or perhaps forced by diminishing qualities of the human sight, light is a transgenerational surviving part of the human life. The compelling need for light in the day-to-day operations of man can not be overemphasized. As such, all men always make provisions for their sight in the dark by employing diverse kinds of light, as seen fit by individuals.

The presence of light does not only chase away the darkness, but it also helps to expose possible dangers lying and hiding in the dark and as well give clarity to the human sight.

Given the peculiarities of light, it is, therefore, necessary that one check, to be convincingly sure if as his outer sight is lighted up, his inner sight is the same. One needs to be sure that his inner eyes- the mind of man- is not in darkness as much as his bulging eyes aren’t left in darkness.

Of all the forms of darkness there is, a mind void of knowledge is the worst.

You see, the day-to-day activities of every sane man are directed and steered right from their mind. Nothing happens really by chance, everything boils down to choices. Our choices, however, are guided by how much knowledge we contain in our mind.

You would agree that for you to be a doctor and be successful, you need to have surrendered yourself to certain patterns of training. Now, this training doesn’t just happen on the outside of you, it starts right from the inside which is the mind. The way you reason is ultimately affected by the training.

For example, a doctor wouldn’t be caught in the act of pitying a pregnant woman who goes to labour in a market place, his thought is immediately filled with how to help the woman. While the disposition of a journalist in the same condition is to make news out of the event. Everything starts with what the mind has been subjected to.

In the course of everyone’s journey, one of the most certain things is challenges. Situations that are compelling. These situations, designed particularly and uniquely for each person, are imposed by nature to test how prepared and determined one is for greatness. How fortified one is. These challenges are the night times, the knowledge one carries is the light. If, then, one has no light, won’t he be swallowed all up in the horrors of the night?

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Read Books

As there are a number of ways to light up one’s mind, one of the most effective ways to do that is by reading books.

“What I do know for sure is that books open you up”

Oprah Winfrey

Books are nature’s way of helping the human race conserve knowledge and keep wisdom. Books, beyond the scope of academic prominence, holds treasures and wealth of knowledge that do not only seek to enlighten man on the beauty of the world but also help him to see the veins and reigns of even his own person.

Books, for example, can teach a man about his temperament and character, what the strengths and weaknesses of his nature are and how to manage and maximize all that.

However, a never reading choleric person may just keep going about his life all cheesed-off and aggressive venting his ever-present anger on everyone that comes his way. Meanwhile, if such a person reads up on himself, he could see that it’s a weakness attached to his natural person and also find out the best remedy.

Now, imagine if one person not only reads up on his temperament alone, but also on finances, investment, marriage, career, and all there is. Don’t you think such a person would have made a  natural headstart in life? 

Reading would also sharpen your sense of judging. Most of us believe that there are ancient traditions that can not be undone. Reading exposes us to the possibilities of change because we have a wide scope of imagination that’s waiting to be explored. Our minds are basically filled up with, not just diverse gigantic ideas, but also breathtaking systems of implementation.

The average number of books read by a CEO, in a year, is 6 or 5 books.

The statistics point us to one very clear truth, there’s a great deal of success hidden in books. There’s a great ambience of light waiting in books to be tapped for human consumption. 

Hence, it is rather not out of place that we ask ourselves; is your mind lightened enough? Are you enjoying illumination as you should? Do you need more light?

All the light you need is in books.

Friends, light up!

Do you think books have helped shape your life in some way? I’ll like to hear from you and feel free to share with others.


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