Awake to Be the Light!

This is a wake-up call to you.

Before I proceed, let us establish that you cannot be light when you do not know that you are light.

Just as your life is a direct reflection of your beliefs, you cannot live in what you do not believe in.

You can not be the light if you do not know that you are a light.

Believe that you are light and that you have been lightened to give light to the world right where you are.

You wake up every day to different news, opinions, lifestyles, and occurrences that denotes sadness and grief. From the good to the bad and the ugly. Your reactions towards all that comes your way speaks volume of how much light you are ready to let out of you.

The whole world seeks one thing.
The world seeks peace, stability, and hope, all of which comes in the presence of light.
In light, there is peace, stability, and hope.

{Read: Light of the World}

The problem is that just a few are ready to illuminate that light. Just a few recognize the power at work in them and are ready to help illuminate the world.

You have that light in you, why not let it out? You can determine to wake up daily to flood your life with light.

Being the Light

You can be the light by seeing good out of every evil.
You can be the light by reciprocating love for hatred.
You can be the light by rendering help to those in need.
You can be the light by easing the burden of your neighbors.
You can be the light by smiling at someone.
The list goes on…

No light is too small to illuminate. No light is too small for darkness to stand. Your light grows when you let it out.

Do not be ashamed or afraid of being that light the world seeks.

How much does it cost to be the light?

The answer to this would be, how much does it cost you to be alive?

For as long as there’s breath in your nostrils, you have been allowed to be light.

The mandate has been given to you to be that light. You have been called to live as light.

{Read: Shining as Light}

Be that light the world needs today. Shine that light!


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