Rejected for Being a Light

I was speaking with a teenager recently. I do this a lot. She expressed sadness over an occurrence with her peers. Let me explain what happened.

In her class, the majority of her mates didn’t like a particular teacher because he was strict and disciplined to the core.

The class planned to do something about this.

They wanted to all report to their parents which will lead to parents complaining about this teacher, which could lead to the termination of the teacher’s appointment in their school.

The class had been planning this for a while, and fortunately for them, the teacher beats one of the students and he falsely accused him of hitting him in the eyes. He made it so believable that he landed in the hospital.

According to my little friend, the whole class knew he was telling a big lie. It was all in a bid to punish the teacher for his strictness.

As the hospital case was going on, the school was trying to investigate what had happened during the class. Each of the students was to be called in one at a time for questioning.

Before then, the whole class had agreed to tell a lie. They all were to say that the teacher flogged the boy on his face.

My little friend, let’s call her Becky. Becky and one of her friends spoke to disagree with them. The two friends pointed out that the teacher was quite strict and disciplined but telling a lie against him was too much.
They tried convincing the others not to go on with their plan but it was to no avail.

They were all interviewed one at a time and each of their stories was the same except for Becky and her friend.

The school authorities sensed conspiracy with the report of others and chose to believe Becky and her friend.

To confirm their suspicion, the hospital report came out, and the boy was found not injured in any way.

Just as you would have thought. The school credited Becky and her friend but they were in the black box in the minds of their other classmates. They segregated them and treat them with so much hatred.

When she finished narrating this to me, I had this to tell her:

You cannot be light by simply saying “I am a light” No! There are things attached to it. There are trends and things that will stir you in the face and have you make a stand.

Standing as light is saying no to darkness and in doing this, the devil is mad! He is so mad at that, that he will try all he can to discourage you from continuing in that decision.

You will be hated for being light because we live in a falling world. A falling world covered with darkness and does not want to accommodate the light.

Do you think darkness loves light? No! Light is an enemy to darkness and so, when you make that stand, darkness will be your enemy.

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She asked: Are my classmates darkness? Absolutely not!

They have only not seen the light. And you are the one to point them to the light.
Don’t treat them the way they treat you. Treat them with love and care that they will find it difficult not to join your way of life.

Being light is a call. A call with its ups and downs but victory, joy, and peace is certain.

I hope this encourages you.

Was there ever a time you were rejected for being the light amidst darkness?


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