5 Things Successful People Never Say

Have you ever met a tribe that doesn’t have a common language? I haven’t. This goes for successful people too. There are words/sentences that are popular in their vocabulary, the most popular probably being “I can”.

Similarly, there are words you might never hear a successful person say. This is because to be successful, there is a mindset a person must have. It is out of the abundance of this mindset that the mouth of the successful person speaks. This is to say that this list is more about the success mindset. That is, because of the successful person’s mindset, there are some things he would never say.

Below are five things a successful person would never say:

1. “This is the way it has always been”

This mindset holds you down in the past. It doesn’t permit the mind to be creative but holds it down to a set tradition of how things should be done. In the new age of tremendous technological advancement, sticking to traditions is a sure ticket to being unsuccessful. New, easier and more productive ways to do things spring up every day. The successful man is not held down with how it’s always been done. Instead, he is open to new ways by which optimum productivity can be achieved

2. “I hope I make it big someday

“Hope”? Successful people don’t hope to succeed, they get up and do the necessary things needed to be done to succeed. Instead of saying you hope to succeed, outline your goals and determine steps that will help you to reach that goal. Follow those steps, committing your paths to God, and watch your dreams come to pass.

3. “I’m young and have plenty of time

I don’t know about you but when I think back to about 10 years ago when I longed to be the age I am right now, I did not expect I’d be right here, wondering where the years went. If you’d take anything for granted in life, time isn’t to be taken for granted. You can’t hold it captive. It moves, it goes by, whether you make the most of it or not. Successful people know that time is of essence, they seize the day, and they seize opportunities.

Also, Successful people are known to have huge goals. Goals that are usually bigger than them. They understand that if they are to meet those goals then they have little time to do so. Successful people know that there is no better time to start than now.

4. “I can do it all by myself

Ever heard of that saying, “no man is an island”? Successful people understand the gravity of this saying. They understand the importance of a team. As mentioned earlier, successful people dream big dreams, usually more than they can personally handle. They understand that if their dreams are to be realised, they’d have to employ the help and opinion of other people with different skill set and experiences.

Even in situations where the successful person has all the skillset needed, he understands the efficiency and time-saving benefit of division of labour.

One other advantage the successful person gets in this particular process is that employing the help of the right team means bringing on board new set of ideas that might help improve the initial idea and the project at hand.

5. “It is not my fault”

Have you ever met people who are never at fault for anything? Or maybe that’s who you are? This set of people always, and I mean always, find someone else to blame. Refusing to be accountable for things that go wrong is a sign that a person still has the ‘unsuccessful mentality’. Owning up to mistakes and taking responsibility for your actions is a sign that a person has a leadership mentality.

Successful people don’t shift blames. They take responsibility, learn from their mistakes and highlight ways they can be better.

There you have it, Five things successful people never say. Which other ones do you know? Feel free to share in the comment section below.

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