Bringing Out The Best In Others 

Can you relate to the rush of euphoria and satisfaction one gets after bringing out the inherent light in someone?

This is, in fact, a powerful ability. While some people have this as a natural ability (Gift), others can possess this ability by implementing conscious efforts.

When the best part of someone is actively recognised, they will consciously make these parts/aspects of themselves more obvious. This is almost like reassuring them and giving them reasons to appreciate themselves more on those parts.

There are a lot of people living with one hidden gift/talent or the other today, and unfortunately, most of them will die, taking those gifts and talents to the grave sooner or later. This could be due to fear, lack of encouragement, and the absence of motivation.

Can you then imagine how much joy and fulfilment there is to bring out the best in a person while they are still alive? Apart from what you feel, take a moment to picture the level of joy this person would live with for the rest of their life while being forever grateful to you.

This is truly one of the many ways to save a life.

Personally, when I remember how writing started for me, only one name comes to mind. This memory is so glued to my brain, that it would be so hard for Alzheimer to erase the memory of this person away. I have also been privileged to do the same for others, and I cannot explain the feeling I get throughout the process of doing so.

This is a wonderful gift and, if you are deliberate about it, is a beautiful ability. This ability has a lot of beauty embedded in it because it has a two-way benefit:

1. You are positively blessed by doing so

2. The recipient is equally blessed by it.

Without further ado, let us see how bringing out the best in others can be achieved.

1. Be absolutely sincere with what you are praising them about

Focus on their strengths. Do not flatter, please. Flattering would definitely not work here. Be sure of what you tell them about themselves. They know this. If true, it would work in line with what they think about themselves.

2. Even if you do not possess the same talent as them, still go ahead

They don’t necessarily need you as a tutor. You can connect them with persons you know who have grown in what they might be struggling with. Just be present for them.

3. Check on them with special interest

Try not to make them feel you are being disturbed. Be open to conversations. Make the environment very peaceful and conducive for them. You equally don’t necessarily have to be their tutor before taking a conscious responsibility of checking on them. Listen to them. Be generous with your time. When they talk, be very present.

4. Let them know you believe in them

This would push them into believing more in themselves.

5. Be a positive person yourself

Your positivity about yourself will go a long way here.

6. Be patient. Have empathy too.

This process, like every other good thing, would take plenty of patience. And empathy too.

After reading this, I suppose you are already thinking of how you can bring out the best in someone. If you have more tips on how to go about it, do share in the comments below.

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