On Becoming a Better Listener

“Be quick to listen, slow to reply and slow to wrath”

It seems one problem that has bugged teens and youths of this age is the compliance or alignment to this world that is full of warped wisdom.

We see a lot of misconceptions that lead into arguments, strife and even failures just because someone had failed to listen at the right time or in the right way.

What Does it Mean to Listen?

According to the dictionary, to listen means “to give one’s attention to a sound”, “make an effort to hear something; be alert and ready to hear something”.

What Does it Mean When You Listen?

  • It means you give the person talking or source of sound at that point in time priority.
  • It means you are willing to take notice of whatever is being said and likely to respond to advice or request.
  • It means you are willing to place value on what is being communicated.
  • It means you are willing to let go of ego and pride in order to be submissive.

What are the Benefits of Listening?

  1. It saves one the stress of misconceptions that may lead to strife, arguments and breakups.
  2. It gives one the chance to understand what is going on before giving a reply.
  3. It gives one opportunity to take note of areas in which one is not clear.

So are you a good listener?, How do you listen when you decide to lend your ear? Is it subjectively or objectively?

It’s still a new year as we can see, and one of the ways to make 2019 remarkably different is to learn and acquire life-changing and upgrading skills. And by skill, I don’t mean external but rather internal. Working on one’s characters, and a good one to start with is the art of listening.

To Become a Good Listener, you have to:

  • Be deliberate (listen to understand, not to argue or oppose).
  • Be willing to give it a try (it’s not impossible to achieve)
  • Be open to correction (it’s what will make you listen).
  • Be calm and resolve to remain calm (one general problem of listening is that we are too proactive, we tend to run faster than our shadows, by assuming we know it all).

Becoming a good listener this 2019 may seem to cost you some things, but it will surely bring good things your way.

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Are you a good listener? Think about it today and see areas where you can improve.

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