The Power of Your Thoughts

There are people who grew up thinking they will never be good enough. Some people tell themselves things like “well, since I was born into poverty, I might never be rich”. “I failed my last exam, why should I pass this one?”. “I can’t understand why I keep failing in my relationships”.

Whatever you say and whatever you are is a product of thoughts processed in your mind. Thoughts are seeds and as we all know from the little science we’ve learnt, seeds germinate and bear fruits. The question is what kind of fruit are you bearing?

Everything I’ve said so far is definitely not new information to most of us but have we ever sat down to evaluate how truly impactful and powerful this mind is and how capable it is of doing much more than we realise?

The silver lining in this cloud is that the power of thoughts can be harnessed for our benefit. So Yes, you can tell doubt to keep quiet, you can tell inferiority to get out because you know your identity and you can tell procrastination you will start now.

Here a couple of things you might want to know:

1. Your Mind is a Battle Field

As believers, we grew up knowing that we are involved in some sort of spiritual battle but I don’t think everyone knows that this battle is going on specifically in our minds. Forget about months, weeks or even days. Every single minute, things are being thrown at us. Worry, doubt, fear, lust, anxiety, unnecessary comparison, and all sorts of negativity. The enemy knows that if he gets you to believe a lie, he would eventually get to you to live a lie as well.

So, stand your ground and refuse to accept anything contrary to God’s definition of you.

2. Your Thoughts are Creative

Thoughts aren’t just energy in vibration as Science puts it. It’s more than that because there is an ability to produce results from the stuff you think about. It could be positive or negative results. We have been created to create, so harness your creativity through the power of your thoughts.

3. Act on it

It’s one thing to think, it’s another to put to work what you think about. I could think about studying for a test but if I don’t actually do it physically, I will fail. This is why it is important to limit the extent to which you live in your thoughts. In the preceding paragraph, I talked about the creativity of our thoughts; this creativity is action. You have an idea? Make a stepwise plan to achieve it. You have a goal? Work towards it.

Don’t give up on your new year resolution and goals just yet. Train your mind to persevere because you need both persistence and consistency to succeed.

4. Invest in Your Mind

“Change your mind, change your life” is definitely not a lie. The greatest achievement you can make is not acquiring possessions, it is investing in your mind. In order to not be a small minded person, you need to learn to be a student for life. Learn a new skill, read books, meditate on the word, learn a new language to broaden your horizon. There is so much that can be done. This day and age of social media and technology make everything easier. Take advantage of the opportunity.

The power of the mind can not be overemphasized and the full scope of its importance definitely hasn’t been covered in its entirety but I hope you’ve been enlightened a bit to think about your thoughts and to make a decision to live this life intentionally by first of all setting your mind in the right direction to produce your desired outcome.

What do your thoughts mean to you and how do you interpret them?

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