5 Life Lessons so far in 2019

​Neale Donald Walcsh- Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.

Growth is intentional, it is not something that happens by accident, it is deliberate! For some weeks now, I have been doing a whole lot at my new job and I am learning a lot. Today, I would be sharing with you some of the things I have learnt and are helping my growth process. Let’s take a ride!

1. Seek and Apply Knowledge

Knowledge is power, true! But then, I discovered a greater part which says “Knowledge applied is power”.

It is not enough to know, it is important that you apply what you know to solve problems and to do things. No one is going to applaud you for only what you know; rather, you would be making a whole lot of difference by using what you know to solve problems.

2. Learn even in the littlest ways

Learning can take place anywhere, be it during that conversation with a friend, a post on social media, a remark made about something, and so on. Do not take for granted any new thing. you can take away a wealth of knowledge from a funny conversation, it all boils down to how sensitive you are and the type of association you keep.

3. Develop a learner’s mindset by taking to corrections

It is either you are right or you learn. Now, this is not to say that you can’t be right, this is saying that if you happen to be corrected, take to the correction and thus you would learn. 

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4. Never be afraid to voice your opinion

Even though I am still learning this, along the line, I have come to discover that voicing out your opinion is a smart way to put yourself out. Don’t think what you are about to say is foolish, don’t kill those ideas in your head before they even have a chance to be heard by overthinking.

Be confident with your voice, think before speaking and speak even if your voice is shaking. 

5. You can be more if you are willing to do the work

Moving out of your comfort zone means that you want to be more than you presently are. It means that you want to go beyond the norm, you want to stretch yourself. Fabulous! I won’t tell you that if you can believe it, then you can do it. I would say if you are willing to do the work, read those books, have those enlightening conversations, take those online courses, go for those seminars, and so on. Then, Yes, absolutely, You can do it.

Move out of your comfort zone! Break forth! Challenge the status quo! Go beyond normal! You are made for more!

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5 thoughts on “5 Life Lessons so far in 2019

  1. The number one mentioned ,. move out of your comfort zone I disagree with. A person is created with boundaries thus within them are the wisdom and discretion to be their quality of true integrity. A lap protection and guidance. Some good is outside of the boundaries, but for teens, that comes later in life.

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    1. I get your point. But the fact that you have certain boundaries as an individual does not mean that you remain complacent even in those “boundaries”.
      Thank you for reading, looking forward to hearing more from you.


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