The Kind of Friend I Am

Friendship is a relationship someone builds with people they are comfortable with. These people are our companions and they could come from different sources depending on our personal beliefs system on who is to be called a friend. We always want to be careful about choosing our circle of friendship.

We know that a real friend should be someone who:

  • Is always there for you
  • Shows admiration for you
  • Can sense what’s going on with you
  • Knows how to react and treat you with respect and dignity
  • Tells you the truth always
  • Shows you how to impact others
  • Has deep and sincere conversation with you
  • Goes the extra mile when you need help
  • Makes you feel wanted and loved
  • Apologises when they wrong you
  • Accepts you for who you are
  • Is always in touch with you just to make sure they keep you updated

If you have someone whose attitude towards you was mentioned above, then you should start appreciating them because these people have shown you the kind of friend they would want you to be.

Good friends are so important and research has shown that the better the quality of your relationship with people around you, the more likely you will live a happy and healthy life.

You might have good friends but be a bad one and yet not even recognize it. You should be asking yourself right now if you are a good or a bad friend.

Sometimes we get so used to our friends that we suddenly don’t take into cognizance the way we act and speak to them. We aren’t even conscious of how terrible we have become as a friend. We care less to how our friends might feel by what we have said or done. We have gotten so familiar and extremely comfortable with our friends that mutual respect does not exist anymore. Yes, there should be level of comfort, but you should watch out for cruelty leaking out.

Some of the signs below tell you how these things apply to you. Note that this doesn’t mechanically pronounce you as a bad friend but points you to things you should watch out for:

  • You criticize your friend for every plan that goes wrong
  • You go to them only when you need their help
  • You don’t keep your promise to them
  • You don’t listen to their opinions
  • You don’t work with them as a team
  • You judge them without getting some facts
  • You don’t ask about or meet their needs when you can

There are a lot more but I will stop here, hoping you would let me know some wrong things your friends might be doing in the comment box. This makes room for us to learn from each other.

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