4 Changes You Can Make to Reach Your Full Potential

Because you can doesn’t mean you will. It is one thing to have the abilities to become something and it is another thing to actually see it in view. The former has very little bearing compared to the latter.

What is potential?

Potential is having or showing the necessary capacity to develop into something in the future.

Everyone around Rukky knew that she had what it took to become a star in the world of music. But she merely existed without leaving her footprints on the sands of time, because she never developed that potential.

First, there must be a discovering of the ability before development comes to play.

We don’t belong everywhere. It might be disastrous for one to wake one beautiful morning and decide “I am going to become a renowned artiste” when he/she did not in any occasion show the abilities of becoming one. Everyone has their place of calling. Discover and work on it.  

In order to develop potentials (after discovering it of course), there are certain points to consider and/or changes one can make to bring the reality of the potential in view.

 Because you can, doesn’t mean you will. 

1. It Won’t Come Easily

Erase the thoughts of getting it so easilyLet go of this mentality. Despite it’s in you, the place of hard work is inevitable. It is said that hard work beats talent, when it decides to not work on itself. Can we then imagine how glorious it would be in the end when we decide to merge hard work with talent?

2. Do Not Miss The Place Of A Mentor

Guidance and mentoring can reduce failures and speed up successes. It won’t hurt if we learnt from their mistakes and see how we can avoid same errors; it in fact,will save us some troubles and of course time too. This is where the place of a mentor comes in. I personally escaped some mistakes in certain areas by simply asking a mentor how he/she handled a particular situation.

{Read more on qualities a mentor should possess}

Some situations can be handled by simply paying attention to, and by following previous examples.

3. Continue To Set Goals (Long and short term)

By now, you should have known your abilities, which is a pointer to your potential. Hunger for ways to becoming the best you can in respect to that field.

Here are some tips to help you:

  • Have visual pictures of what you want. Paste them in places where you can see them daily. (Mirrors, on your laptop, wardrobe etc.)
  • On a spiral note pad, write down all the necessary things you can do to achieve what you have in those pictures.
  • Daily and religiously observe the activities on your note pad.
{Read more on how to set your goals without giving way for procrastination}

4. Celebrate Both Success And Failure. But Do Not Dwell On Either

To not try at all is worse than failing. Acknowledge past failures. It doesn’t show you are a failure, it gives you an opportunity to learn from them and thus gives room for improvement.

Do not be embarrassed by your failures, learn from them and start again. ~Richard Branson.

Success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm. ~Winston Churchill.

On the second hand, celebrate success for a while. Give yourself some credit, but cease to dwell on them. There’s room for greater successes.

I hope you got something from this? I’ll like to hear from you in the comments below. I wish you the best in working towards reaching your full potential. 

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