Love Never Gives Up 

I felt I knew so much about love until last night when I was dulled.
You know that feeling that you know something is real but never really experienced it. I had to go to the bible to learn more about love.

In Romans 2, I saw that love isn’t soft, it is KIND. Another thing is that love holds you FIRMLY by the hand, it doesn’t pull or push you. 

Lastly in 1 Cor 13, I saw that love doesn’t force itself on others.
It hurts to see the person you love comfortably, intentionally hurt you; that’s what God goes through every day.

But love never diminishes. He might give you some space to learn, but he’s always there in the shadows waiting for you to call him

Love never gives up.

Make an action of love today. It might be as simple as making a phone call to the person that hurt you, letting them know you forgive them, to getting a random stranger lunch.

Keep loving and never relent.

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