#EndSARS: A New Nigeria?

2020, the year Nigeria got her independence. Oh, what a time to be alive when the youths finally know the truth and decide to stand with it.
Well, we’ve been living a lie for the past years. A lie that was disguised in the form of truth.

In October 2020, Nigerian youths finally decided to speak up. At this point, everyone was tired, we’ve all had our shares and I concluded that what affects one affects all.

I am pretty sure the month of October 2020 won’t be forgotten. Nigerians were low- key tweeting about #ENDSARS but it became a worldwide protest on the 10th of October 2020 with everyone carrying placards that had the #ENDSARS #NOTOPOLICEBRUTALITY. Some other placards had inscriptions such as “O to ge, enough is enough, stop killing us”. Those who were scared and couldn’t go were all retweeting aggressively, Christians weren’t left out o. Kai, I saw the hunger for a new Nigeria, everyone longing for a better nation.

We’ve been quiet for so long and we know we had to do just one thing, one thing to change the narratives, even if it meant taking it by force.

They were shocked, they weren’t expecting their lazy youths to embark on a worldwide protest, or maybe they were expecting us to stop after a day or two. Guess what? We gave them another shocker, no retreat no surrender.

Well, they tried playing on our intelligence, forgetting that we are not them and we can never be like them. They gave us their good news saying SARS had been dissolved and while some were jubilating, others were trying to join the dots together. It was just too good to be true, another of their many disguises.

Talk about the innocent lives that were lost, others that were badly injured or the ones treated like criminals while doing a peaceful protest. I mean, our leaders and the older generation failed us. That’s part of why we are protesting. We don’t want to look back and have any regret, or start saying things like we should have done this long ago. There is no better time to do a thing like this other than now.

I won’t fail to talk about how proud I am of this generation and glad I am not of the older one. It was surprising to see how everything fell in place in an uncoordinated coordinated manner, from the medicals to those sharing food and water, to those cleaning up, to those watching out for others and everyone being their brother’s keeper. It was a beauty to behold, that for once it didn’t matter if we were of different tribes, a Christian or a Muslim, we saw ourselves as one, as one Nigeria.

Now, I know that truly there is power in unity.

Have you been following the #ENDSARS protests so far? Let me know what you think in the comments.


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