#EndSARS: My Experience as an Online Protester

This past week has had me on a rollercoaster of emotions. Pain. Anger. Sorrow. Frustration. Despair. From hearing people speak up about their ordeals in the hands of SARS operatives to seeing graphic images and watching horrifying videos of extra-judicial killings masterminded by this infamous unit, I have felt these emotions over and over again.

At first, I felt guilty for feeling all of these things because while it was clear that I needed a break, I honestly didn’t think I had a right to one. I thought it selfish to step back when there were people at the frontlines risking their lives. … More #EndSARS: My Experience as an Online Protester

The Latent Power We Wield

As a Nigerian living in Nigeria, I am used to being a victim of relentless injustice against which I feel entirely helpless. Almost every day that I live, I am hurt by situations that should not exist in an ideal nation with an active government.

I have heard stories. I have heard horrific stories over the years, but never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that police brutality in Nigeria was this terrible.

Over the past few weeks, Nigerians have found their voices and protested both online and offline nationwide and all over the world. We have mobilised funds to provide legal aid to arrested protesters, compensation for the families of dead victims, medical aid for injured protesters, welfare packages at every protest, and waste management volunteers who have left the protest grounds cleaner than they met them. … More The Latent Power We Wield

#EndSARS: A New Nigeria?

I am pretty sure the month of October 2020 won’t be forgotten. Nigerians were low- key tweeting about #ENDSARS but it became a worldwide protest on the 10th of October 2020 with everyone carrying placards that had the #ENDSARS #NOTOPOLICEBRUTALITY. Some other placards had inscriptions such as “O to ge, enough is enough, stop killing us”. Those who were scared and couldn’t go were all retweeting aggressively, Christians weren’t left out o. Kai, I saw the hunger for a new Nigeria, everyone longing for a better nation.

We’ve been quiet for so long and we know we had to do just one thing, one thing to change the narratives, even if it meant taking it by force. … More #EndSARS: A New Nigeria?

World Population Day Amidst the Pandemic

World Population Day is an annual event, observed on July 11 every year, which seeks to raise awareness of global population issues.

As we ruminate over the population status of the world, let us bear in mind that we all have a part to play in maintaining a good World Population and stable ecosystem. Particularly in this pandemic, let us all endeavor to Stay Safe to Stay Alive.

More World Population Day Amidst the Pandemic

School Outreach 6- Lagos, Nigeria | PadATeen Project

TMO Lagos submitted the Letter of Permission to the target school; Ayedere Ajibola Senior School, Ketu. This was to get permission to carry out the intended school outreach which was focused on educating female students on the importance of a healthy hygiene, menstrual cycle,and to distribute free pads; a project in celebration of the International … More School Outreach 6- Lagos, Nigeria | PadATeen Project

School Outreach 5- Ogbomoso-Oyo, Nigeria | PadAteen Project

The outreach was to Nurudeen Grammar School, Ogbomosho and it held on the 28th of March 2018. TMO was represented by Doyinsola and Victoria. They got to the school at 10am but had to wait for the students to end their exam for the day. At exactly 11am, there were able to meet with the … More School Outreach 5- Ogbomoso-Oyo, Nigeria | PadAteen Project