School Outreach 6- Lagos, Nigeria | PadATeen Project

TMO Lagos submitted the Letter of Permission to the target school; Ayedere Ajibola Senior School, Ketu. This was to get permission to carry out the intended school outreach which was focused on educating female students on the importance of a healthy hygiene, menstrual cycle,and to distribute free pads; a project in celebration of the International Women’s Day.

Lagos. School outreach

The representative for Lagos delivered the letter and a date was fixed for the outreach which was on the 28th of March, 2018. On the said date, the team arrived the school, but unknown to them, there was a rescheduling on the school’s exam timetable thereby making it impossible for the outreach to take place that day. Hence, another date was fixed for the 17th of April, 2018.

Lagos. School outreach

On the day of the outreach, the team arrived the school in the morning and after meeting with key officials of the school, the students gathered at their Hall, known as “Garden of Wisdom”.

The session started with a word of prayer from one of TMO’s representative, followed by an introduction of herself and other team members. Afterwards, the representative informed the student about TMO and what it aims at and the reason for the outreach, after which she started discussing about puberty, the concept of “menstruation” using a diagram on a cardboard. She proceeded by talking about menstrual cramps and at that point, another team member continued with the talk.

Lagos. School outreach

After that, a student asked a question and she was answered appropriately with additional answers from the school’s Biology teacher who contributed immensely to educating the students. Then, another member of the team gave her personal experience on menstrual cramps and how she deals with it.

The students were further educated on the importance of maintaining proper hygiene especially when menstruating, the right pads to use, how often to change their pads in a day, the right pant to use (cotton pant) and was demonstrated to how to wear a pad.

Lagos. School outreach

Following the completion of the lecture, questions were asked and answered and a student who got the answer to the question asked by the team was given the pant used for demonstration. Pictures were taken by the teachers present, students and TMO team and it was indeed a wonderful session.

Thanks to TMO volunteers in Lagos who made this happen:

Lagos. School outreach

Ibukunoluwakinsha Esan
Deborah Agboye
Agboola Mary

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