From Being Good to Becoming the Best

In life, good is good but to become the best demands conscious efforts. However, nothing is impossible for a person who is ready to be the best. Steps taken in the right direction will lead to the realization of becoming the best.

The comparative of good is better. Better means ‘to improve’. It implies that to become the best, there is a need for ways to improve at what is currently being done.

To experience change, new strategies and methods are needed. Excellence will not be handed to you on a platter of gold.

Becoming the best requires a fight against good which will make you a victor.

Below are some ways to becoming the best:

1. Decisions

Making the decision to be successful is important. There are some things in life that we do not have control over, such as who our parents are, where we are born and some other natural factors which may want to serve as hindrances to being more excellent. However, no matter the circumstances, you can decide to rise above the unpleasant situations.

It is expedient to take responsibility and be the best you can be because life does not owe anyone anything.

To transcend from good to the best requires making firm realistic decisions. It is not enough to make a wish. A wish just ends at being a wish but decisions require that corresponding steps are taken.

2. Right thinking

See yourself in the light of God’s words and constantly meditate on them. This will bring you into a consciousness of God’s power with which you will have success.

Have the right perception of yourself. The only person who can limit you is you. So, do not limit yourself. Think wide. Think big. There is more in you. There are untapped capacities, amazing gifts and abilities waiting to be explored.

You will not know how much you are capable of doing until you see yourself as being able to do it. Do not settle for less. Have the victory mindset and you can be the best at whatever you do.

3. Affirmative words

Words are vehicles that drive things into your life. Say words that affirm the best you want to be. Your life goes in the direction of the words you speak.

Just as God spoke the world into creation. Your words have creative power. Let your words agree with the ‘you’ you want to be. Let your words create a pathway to the kind of results you want to have.

4. Actions

Actions are what you do to accomplish a purpose. Actions take you beyond the level you are. It takes you from the present into the future. It takes you from who you are into who you want to become.

Equivalent actions translate into the actualization of your goals of becoming the best.

5. Discipline

Discipline will make someone make extra efforts. The difference between the good and the best is the input of more energy. It takes discipline to set goals and take the needed actions to meet them.

A disciplined person also avoids distraction. There are always oppositions that stand in the way of becoming exceptional. But discipline will serve as a guard against any form of distraction.

The joy of surmounting all odds to become the best you can be is unquantifiable.

Go for gold! Become the best!

What action do you intend to take today to move from being good to becoming the best?


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