Healthy Foods For Breakfast

I mentioned in my previous post, that I would write on healthy foods that you can have for breakfast.

When I was an undergraduate, I had difficulty eating different foods for breakfast. So, my best friend and I ate cereals, Akara and custard or pasta on most days.

Breakfast is important. However, what’s more important is knowing the healthy food to eat. Healthy breakfast helps you all through the day.

Healthy Foods to Have for Breakfast

1. Whole Grains

Wholes grains are filled with nutrients; vitamins, antioxidants and the trace minerals, which include iron, zinc, magnesium and copper. They are healthy foods that reduce your risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Examples include millet, cereals and popcorn.

2. Lean Protein

The function of protein is to repair tissue cells, and help your bones grow. Protein-rich foods include meat, poultry, eggs, seafood, peas (AKA legumes), and soy products.

Meat-based protein is high in saturated fat and may lead to heart disease if consumed excessively. However, lean protein is gotten from plant-based protein and is rich and nutritious. Examples of lean protein includes Turkey, seafood and soybean.

3. Legumes and Nuts

These are high in protein and vitamins. They are also plant-based protein. Nuts contain both protein and carbohydrates.

4. Low-fat Dairy

They are foods that contain low fat. Examples include milk, eggs and yoghurt.

5. Fruits and Vegetables

They contain vitamins and minerals. They can help you live healthy, prevent diabetes, and heart diseases.

I believe that my audience are both Nigerian and Non-Nigerian teenagers, so I will mention 5 foods for Nigerians and five Non-Nigerian food.

Most Common Breakfast Foods for Nigerians:

1. Beans and pap
2. Tea and bread
3. Noodles and egg
4. Custard
5. Cereals

For Non-Nigerians:

1. Egg Benedict
2. Pancakes
3. Cinnamon rolls
4. French toast
5. Fruit smoothie

The above examples are great foods that will help you stay energetic. While preparing your breakfast, you can aim for good carbs, combined with fibre and some protein.

How to Make Eating Breakfast Possible

  • Cook ahead of your resumption time. You can wake up early to prepare your breakfast.
  • Set the table with your favourite fruits.
  • Pack it. You may not eat your breakfast at home, you may choose to pack it up to work.

I hope you got value from this? Have you had your breakfast today?


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