February 17th: Random Acts of Kindness Day

Kindness is a virtue. It is the quality of being considerate and showing concern and care to others. While some may see kindness as a weakness, that is absolutely not the case. Kindness requires courage and strength especially when you have no reason to show it. Although every day is a good day to be kind, the 17th of February (Random Acts of Kindness Day) is the best day to be intentional about it.

What are Random Acts of Kindness?

These are thoughtful gestures aimed at making a difference in our society. We may not always be equipped enough to relieve the people we come across daily of their struggles but with kindness, we can make those burdens feel lighter for the period they are around us. Has someone ever done something for you that brought tears to your eyes? Made you realize how much good there still is out there? Made you want to be better? It is time to repay humanity with much more goodness.

Things You Can Do on Random Acts of Kindness Day

Smile at everyone you meet:

A smile is so powerful. It can make even the saddest people feel seen or heard. For everyone you meet today, give them the gift of your smile. You do not even have to say anything to them if that would be too awkward for you. Drop your most charming smile and walk away.

Give compliments to strangers:

I bet we have all heard the saying that “It is the little things that count”. Sometimes all it takes for your bad day to turn better is a beautiful compliment from a complete stranger. Examples of such complements include:

“That is such a pretty dress”
“I love your hair”
“You have the most beautiful smile”
“You look good!”
“Nice shoes.”

Be as generous as possible with compliments, you would be surprised how quickly they can place others in better moods.

Buy a friend lunch:

Choose a friend of yours and buy them lunch. You do not have to go to an elaborate restaurant and pay extravagantly, just go out to get food together as you would normally do and offer to pay for theirs. It doesn’t have to be their birthday for you to spend on them, the key is to take every opportunity to make your friends feel special.

Run errands for an elder:

An elder may not care much for your smile or compliments but they would definitely appreciate it if you offer to run an errand for them. It may not be very convenient for you but it would mean more to them if you went out of your way to make things easier for them. They may likely ask you to go to the store, or the market or even drive them around. Whatever it is, please do it without grumbling. At the end of the day, they are happy and you are happy too because there is this feeling of purpose and fulfilment helping others brings.

Call an old friend:

Search through your contacts and call an old friend that you have not spoken to in a while. Tell them you missed them and wanted to check-in. People fall out, people lose touch but calling old friends makes them think fondly of you in the long run.

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Listen to someone’s problems:

Sometimes, all people need is a shoulder to lean on. Nobody likes to feel alone especially if they are passing through difficult times.

If a friend of yours is not okay and needs someone to talk to, listening to their problems for a few minutes will not hurt, even if you do not have the solutions. You can even go ahead to give good advice if solicited for. They would really appreciate your being there.

There are other things you can think to do on Random Acts of Kindness Day but these are the few basics you may want to consider if you are confused about what to do.

Do not listen to people who say being kind does not pay. Kindness has a ripple effect. The kinder you are to other people, the kinder the universe will treat you (even if it is not immediately). Always remember that.

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Decide on at least one random act of kindness that you will do today. Feel free to return to this post to share your experience with me. I’ll be glad to hear from you!


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