Learning From Mistakes

We are products of our past, but we don’t have to be prisoners of it.

Rick Warren

Over time, I’ve seen people do things or say something and when confronted, the first thing you hear is: “it was a mistake”. So, what exactly is a mistake?

A mistake is a wrong action attributed to bad judgment or ignorance or inattention. According to the Oxford dictionary.

Mistakes are bound to happen in a man’s life, lest he may take pride in being flawless. But when mistakes happen, the next thing to do is to learn from it so as not to make the same mistakes again. So, how can you learn from mistakes?

How to Learn From Mistakes

1. Realize your mistake and why it happened

According to the definition above, mistakes arise from bad judgment, ignorance or inattention. Decide to do the opposite immediately or when next such a situation arises. But doing the opposite another time may also end up in another mistake, so one must watch carefully.

2. Accept the mistake

This is another great step. One may realize he is at fault about his perception of a particular person or situation even though there were pointers that prompted the decision. However, without personally accepting that it is wrong to judge another person, one is likely to do it again.

3. Moving on

Here is where a lot of people get stuck over time, some don’t move on positively after a mistake, they accept their fault and then let their fault override them. Some become slaves to the thoughts of past mistakes out of fear of not wanting to commit it again.

As falling is a part of life so is moving on another part of life.

4. Keeping in check

One must not make a mistake and in the process of trying to move on, let it all slide, it makes such a person repeatedly commit the same offence and it may not be termed a mistake after the first time. So, always keep your experience at the back of your mind to checkmate whatever decisions you may want to carry out.

5. Gaining knowledge

This is where most people fail and more people excel. To avoid mistakes, especially life-threatening mistakes, one must endeavor to acquire necessary knowledge that is needed to take on the task. It is not wise to take actions without first consulting professionals or learning the risk involved. So, when next a mistake is made, it’s a sign that there is a need for a pause to recheck or refresh one’s knowledge.

One vital thing also is never be afraid to make mistakes.

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