The Cleansing and the Call

In a time when moral and spiritual decay has peaked, who are you reflecting? As a Christian, you are not stagnant, you walk around. Whose fragrance are you leaving behind and what footprint are you leaving in people’s hearts?

When we clearly see God as Isaiah did in Isaiah 6:5, the more aware we’d be of our powerlessness and inadequacy to do anything lasting without God. But before we’re called, there needs to be a cleansing. Why? God doesn’t call the qualified, but qualifies the called and how does He? By cleansing.

Cleansing, like the refining of gold from its ore, is painful, our dirt needs to be shaken off, the past we cleave to needs to be left in the past where it belongs. And like Isaiah confess that we have filthy lips and live among people with filthy lips, and thereby submitting to God’s control, we need to be purified and cleansed so that we can truly represent God who is pure and holy.

Cleansing, like refining, is a hard process, it’s painful, it takes courage and acknowledgement that we can’t measure up to God’s standard of holiness. It takes time too, as a person’s cleansing is different from the other, we should note that God’s help is needed in order to comfort us while effectively confronting sin.

For us to live like Christ, though we might sometimes fall, cleansing is required, constant intimacy with God is also required to keep us on track. Faith is another key. While undergoing the process of cleansing have faith that gold would be found at last, that you’re only undergoing a refining process preparing you for a golden future.

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