Cease to Exist; Live!

The worst enemy of best is better, as I once read. Why choose to just exist like there is nothing more to live for?

I remember when I first started working and I’d close by 1600hrs, and would have nothing to do but watch movies the rest of the day. A time came that my friend and I decided to acquire computer skills with the spare time we had after work, and we enrolled for a 3-month ICT certificate course and in no time, we were done and certified. Over half a decade today that we made the decision, the knowledge we got is still being useful to us, I’ve even made much more money than the amount I paid for the tuition.

Existing in this life at the expense of really living life. It is like having a full scholarship to study any choice course, but one decides to toss it on to another.

People come and go out of this world daily and if they do a research about “how a dying person sees all their life moments played out like a movie between some seconds to death”, then a lot of people would realize how wasteful they were with the choices they made while still very healthy.

Many times, what seems like a consolatory or motivational message have really done much harm instead of the good that they were intended for.

Words like, “Better days are coming” ask yourself , what’s wrong with today that I can’t make the best out of it.

“The beautiful ones are not yet born”. Ask them the definition of beautiful, and you will realize its all just opinions. You are wonderfully and fearfully made for whatever circumstances may come your way.

Many have wasted the opportunity life gave to live the best each day, while waiting for something extraordinary that tomorrow will bring.

Instead of waiting for a splendid tomorrow, why not have a fabulous today? You can invest today into something more productive like I did some years back.

To live is to have a reason for waking up every morning; have a reason for not wishing to die yet.

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Don’t be okay with just existing, even a bird is not okay with just flying, it makes effort to create good and solid nest on high trees so as to have a place of rest after flying around the world.

Live today by making the best use of today, remember that the tomorrow you are looking forward to will also keep changing its name to Today.

The only payback you can offer for your breath is to have really lived by the time you breathe your last.


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