You Need to Take a Pause; Catch Your Breath!

Running around life gives us little or no time to really catch a breath and evaluate how our journey has been so far. So many just want to hurry it out and make it to the end.

Life is not a competition you say, so why bother to run in the first place?, but silently there is a unconscious race we all make in order to make ends meet.

You see parents head out early in the morning just to keep up with the job that puts food on the table for the family and hardly have time to sit and reflect if that’s the future they ever planned for themselves.

You see students dig deep into their studies just to ensure they get the best grades in order to make their folks proud and have a sense of belonging, but they may never take a pause to think about the kind of life they’d really want outside college walls.

I see people hang on to abusive and cheating partners all because they are afraid that the next person might be worse than this present one they are with, so they resign to stomach it for life, but if only they could take a pause, they’d realize that the best they have been praying for is just waiting for them to step out of that wrong relationship.

A lot has happened around the world this very month of March from Ethiopia to Nigeria to New Zealand amidst others; everyone is feeling sorry for these pitiful events, but do you know that lacking direction and composure is worse than death in whichever way it comes?

Take a pause this moment from all the struggles, pressures and rush of life and evaluate how far you have come and how well you can continue. You may need to refuel yourself before you hit the road again lest you run out of gas before the finish line.

Remember, take a pause and take it now.

Action Point: Re-evaluate your lifestyle and see how you can make time to pause and reflect on your life.

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