Living Intentionally

Living – Having a life
Intention – Intended or Planned; done Deliberately.

Picture these people. Those presently living a happy life. Those making waves in their various fields of endeavor. High flying students. Couples enjoying marriages full of bliss. Once obese people who now live thin and healthy.

The life of the above set of people sounds beautiful, right? Yes. I thought so too.

These people all have one thing in common. Amongst the numerous activities and a long list of schedule which they’ve turned into habits after painful hours of mastering, there is still one very peculiar thing they all had in common.

Like Dr. David Oyedepo would sometimes say, “it is way easier to fail than succeed. To succeed, you need to give it a time of work and sometimes even get bruised in the process. It’s hard, but to fail, on the other hand, don’t do anything. Just relax. It’s that easy”. [Paraphrased]

The one common thing that the above set of people possessed was Intent. They were intentional about what they wanted. They were first intentional about it, got information on how to get it and lastly, worked accordingly.

  • Getting rich is intentional
  • Academic excellence is intentional
  • Flawless body is intentional
  • Success, in general, is intentional

Success is not an event but a lifestyle and is determined by what we do daily.

When America set a ten-year goal to put a man on the moon, they did it successfully. The head of NASA said afterward that they were able to accomplish that goal because they were so definite about what they wanted to achieve.

Friend, you should be definite about getting those toned arms you be always wished for and let go of those flabby ones.

You should be so definite about getting that CGPA you’ve written down somewhere and wished it were yours.

You should be passionately definite about losing those extra pounds and getting that body you wished was yours.

You really have to be definite about making your relationship work.

You just have to be definite about having that extraordinarily beautiful future you’ve always wanted as a child by determining what you do daily with consciousness, by determining with firmness the activities you tolerate on your to-do list.

But one may ask. “How exactly do I get definite about what I want?”

You might want to look up 10 Simple Habits That Set Successful People Apart

The very simple but weighty answer is GOALS!

The products of well-defined goals are fascinating. Goals that are;

S – Specific
M – Measurable
A – Attainable
R – Realistic and,
T – Timely

{Read on how to set smart goals without giving way for procrastination}

The beginning of goal setting might not be very palatable, however, as it is done by starting small and being persistent, it becomes a reality.

I encourage you today to set goals and live intentionally.

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