How to Organize Your Day

Many times, people say they would hate to have a routine kind of lifestyle. It is understandable because routine is usually associated with a lack of excitement and no one wants to live a boring life. On the other hand, some people cannot handle spontaneity.

Being organized requires a little bit of work but it is worth it. While planning your day, try to give room for unforeseen circumstances – leave one or two hours free. Remember, having an organized day is in you taking charge of the direction of your day. … More How to Organize Your Day

How to Handle Procrastination

Why not do the assignment today and stop putting off what is important for less important things? Why don’t you set your priorities right? So many of us enjoy putting things off until it gets up to our neck and then we start running helter-skelter. But the bitter thing about that is that the time we avoid doing the important things on our schedule is usually wasted doing nonproductive things. … More How to Handle Procrastination