Making the Most of Family Occasions


A million and one different definitions for this word and yet none seems to be entirely incorrect. There are definitions like family- a set of people you do not get to pick but share a sense of belonging with; family- those people who you have to love and have to love you back no matter what happens;family- people who are permanent non-optional part of your life; family- a set of people handpicked and have proven to be worth the choice. Some of these definitions regard biological ties while some do not. Regardless of the definition that applies to you, family involves people.

The Modern World

Before this day and age, the community was about people living in the same place at the same time. The likelihood that particular families would live in the same area generation after generation was almost one. It is not the same anymore.

For most people today, the community has taken a new shape. It is in the virtual world and as expected, the family has played a role. Many teenagers, more commonly at the age of sixteen or seventeen start to live states away from their parents for the most part of the year. Parents live and work in different states or even countries. Siblings and members of the extended family are now people you can only recognize because they put up a picture in their social media profile.

Together is now a state of mind rather than physical presence. It’s the world we live in and we all are getting used to it.

The Excuse

Every once, twice or luckily three times a year, there is always that excuse for everyone to come ‘home’; Leave from work, mid-term breaks, mid-semester breaks or the almost general and more common Christmas and New year break. Many families use this excuse wisely to bring everyone together, physically.

The Gathering

Cherish it! Those people you have felt homesick for are now in the same room as you. You are an arm stretch away from your sister’s pinch and your little nephew can actually wet his pants while sitting on your laps. This cannot be replaced with voice calls, video calls, mails or letter. Cherish it!

How to Make the Most of it

1. Put that device down

Except you are trying to freeze time by capturing the moment or making a video recording of everyone goofing around so you can have something to laugh out loud over when you are away, put that device down.

2. Make conversations

Determine right before the gathering that you will start as many conversations as you can and that you will let no conversation die on your watch. Ask questions about old times, current times, and even future plans. Catch up on the lives of everyone and capture those facial expressions, you know, the ones that a text will fail to deliver. There will always be something to talk about.

3. Create memories

Do not forget to talk about how much you have missed everyone. Remember the hug you wish you could give your mum when you last talked with her over the phone, go ahead and give her a warm hug. Be there, in those rare moments, be there.

How do you make the most of family occasions? Feel free to comment below and don’t forget to subscribe to this blog to not miss a post.


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