5 Valentine’s Day Stay Home Activities

There are so many reasons you might want to have a stay at home Valentine celebration. It could be because we’re in the middle of a pandemic and social gatherings are not encouraged or that you believe it would be less costly. It could also be that you’re a homebody and even valentine has got nothing on that. Whatever the case may be, an indoor valentine’s day celebration can be eventful. Here are some activities you can do while at home:

Netflix and Chill

Movie nights are an all-time favorite. If you’re in the same place with your loved one(s), it’s easy and possible to have this. Just don’t forget to have the popcorn and drinks ready. You should also look for movies beforehand. If for some reason, you’re away from your people, a virtual movie night is your next option. Popular streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon have watch party features that allow you and your loved ones to watch the same movie concurrently. Although it may not be as engaging as a physical movie night, it’s an option to consider.

Indoor Picnic

You may be wondering how this works because the definition of a picnic is literally eating outdoors. To get this done right, you need to put in the effort to create the scene. A blanket is essential and it would be nice if you can place it next to a window. Get some picnic-friendly food like sandwiches and then drinks to go with it. While at the picnic, play soft background music and some friendly games with your loved ones afterward.


Whether you’re the next Celine Dion or a terrible bathroom singer, karaoke is for you. They are fun to engage in especially with people you’re comfortable with. You can host your own karaoke in your living room. Make use of apps like Youtube, Spotify, Karafun, and Starmaker. Make sure to connect your device to a good speaker and sing to your heart’s content while taking turns.


Have you been too busy to spend time with your loved one? This is a good time to make up for it. Spend some quality time together and make lots of videos. You can jump on some of the reasonable tik tok trends and make your own videos. You can also make a video where you answer questions asked by the other person.


Everyone likes to read about themselves and what they mean to the people close to them. Spend your time writing letters to your loved ones. A physical letter would be great since it’s not something many people receive often. If you’re not up for physical letters, you shoot them a long mail instead. You don’t have to write according to Shakespeare’s standard. An honest and sincere expression of what they mean to you would suffice.

Valentine’s day is a day where you can be more intentional about appreciating those people close to you. With a bit of effort, time, and thoughtfulness, you can create moments they would forever cherish.

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