8 Things to Avoid Doing on Valentine’s Day

Hello beautiful people!

I know it’s that time of the year when we get to express love to those we love, it’s a season of gifting to special people and we aren’t left out because we are also special😊.

I know a lot of people already have plans for that special day, how they want it to go, what they want to do, places they want to go to and loved ones they want to surprise.

As much as you want that day to count, there are things you should avoid doing on valentines day. Let’s go through this together:

1. Sex

If you are married, it’s totally fine to have sex with your spouse. A lot of young unmarried people feel sex is an act of love and many will want to express it on that day. It’s not a gift to your partner, so don’t feel the pressure. Don’t do it!

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2. Feeling Inadequate

A lot of singles might feel inadequate and miserable because they aren’t in a relationship or because they don’t have a girlfriend or boyfriend. Being single doesn’t make you less. Valentine’s day is not a day to regret about not being in a relationship, it’s not a day of self-pity. So, don’t feel that way.

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3. Gifts

Don’t be among those to say I am not gifting anything since I don’t have a boyfriend or girlfriend. It’s a day to express love to loved ones, so you can surprise your mom, dad, siblings or even a friend, you can also surprise yourself (you aren’t left out).

4. Promises

You know there is this saying that goes, don’t make promises when you are super excited or when you are feeling too down. Valentine’s day is not the day to promise your partner the whole world because you are in your feelings, don’t do that!

5. Social Media

Valentine is not a day to get soaked in social media if not you will end up doing a multiple God when. Not everything that appears on social media is all rosy. Valentine is a good day to take a break from social media. You will thank me later.

6. Idleness

Do you remember what they say about an idle mind? Don’t be idle to avoid unnecessary thoughts. Get busy, keep the right energy and surround yourself with people you love and those who love you in return.

7. Do Not Propose

If you are not sure then please, don’t go with the flow. Do not propose under the pressure of making this day extra special. One should be sure of his/her feelings and the feelings of partner too. There is no way to tell what your partner will reply but when you both are ready, you will know it.

8.  Don’t Break the Bank Trying to Impress

It can be very tempting to go all out and plan an extravagant date for your loved one for Valentine’s day. The best thing to do is organise something that both you and your partner can enjoy together without leaving your wallet empty.

Is there any other thing I should have added? Don’t forget to share this with friends and let’s spread the word together!


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