A Poem about God’s Love

Do you know the depth
Of the sea?

Have you ever swam across the ocean
To analyse its width?

Have you climbed
The high Everest
To fathom its height?

Have you measured the earth
To determine its weight?

Exceeding imaginations

You think these things are exactly as they appear to be?

With the love of the father
Deeper than the sea
Wider than the ocean
Higher than the highest of mountains
Weights more than the earth
Exceeding man’s comprehension

This is the love
He bestows on his children;
Beyond understanding
And breaking all barriers

The love that heals the brokenhearted
And restores the sick

The love that brings life
And births redemption

A love that forgives
Without remembering and grieving
Accepts without restraining
Gives without expecting
Prunes without wounding
Consumes without burning

This love lives and never dies

What can you say about this love? Do share with me in the comments below.

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