Addicted to Gambling?

Gambling was simply defined by Business Dictionary as “betting (wagering) that must either result in a gain or a loss”. A person gambles by taking chances that may either result in winning or losing. For many people, gambling is a harmless game of fun but it can become a problem when people can no longer stop doing it; an addiction. And it causes a negative impact on any area of an individual life.

One of the major addictions experienced by teenagers today is gambling. Gambling becomes an addiction gradually. It can have a lot of psychological, social and physical repercussions. The American Psychiatric Association (APA’s) Diagnostic and Statistical Manual fifth edition included gambling as an impulse-control disorder. Gambling usually leads to emotional problems that have financial consequences.

Why You Should Not Gamble

1. God discourages it

Wealth from gambling quickly disappears, wealth from hardwork grows. Proverbs 13:11 Living Bible.
Stay away from the love of money; be satisfied with what you have. Hebrews 13:5 Living Bible

2. Psychological Instability

Uncertainties that come with gambling produces psychological stress, mood swing, depression, addition, migraine, distress, intestinal disorder, and feeling of helplessness, despondency, and suicide may occur.

3. Financial Instability

Since gambling is always a game of chance. A loss or gain may occur, which in turn results in uncertainty in financial management.

4. Loss of Opportunities, Relationship and Friendship can also transpire

How to Overcome Gambling Addiction

Medical News Today says treatment of gambling addiction can be in three categories. This treatment is for those with a serious case of addition. They are;

  • Therapy

Behavior therapy or cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) helps an individual reduce the urge to gamble. CBT change the way an individual feels and think about gambling.

  • Medications

Drugs such as mood stabilizers and anti-depressants can help reduce gambling urge.

  • Self-help groups

Speaking with others in a similar situation could be helpful. Getting help from someone who had a similar experience is an effective way of getting off gambling.

People gamble for different reasons. To socialize, for excitement, to display wealth, prestige and power. But do all of these worth the side effects it has on your health, relationships with God and men, friendships, future and life as a whole? Think about it!!

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