How to Be Resilient

Life is not for the timid. Believe me, life never gives you what you think you deserve, you snatch what you think you deserve from life.

Life happens to many people, they just go with the flow of things and do not pause to think if there is more to life than the norm they are used to. But for some others, they happen to life, life does not happen to them. They dictate to life what they want and work towards getting it, they don’t go with the norm, they don’t let failure cripple them, they take life by its horns. These people are called RESILIENT.

What is Resilience?

Resilience is the ability to quickly bounce back when things don’t go as planned. It is having the ability to quickly recover from failure, misfortune or setbacks in general.

To succeed in life, one needs to be resilient, you need not let life situations weigh you down. Rather, you need to get up, dust yourself and get on the move again. No one is celebrated in life for giving up in the middle of achieving a thing, it is only winners no matter how long it took them to win that are celebrated.

Characteristics of a Resilient Person

1. Challenge tackler

Resilient people tackle challenges. They love to be challenged and they put in their bests in overcoming such challenges. They apply for jobs that may seem daunting to others, prepare well for it and even if they fail at that, they give it a comeback and do better.

2. Committed

Resilient people are very committed to whatever they put their mind into. They have this sense of responsibility to give their best shot and not give up when the going gets tough. They have a never say never attitude.

3. Positivism

Resilient people exude positivity. They are usually overly positive and optimistic. They see the good side of every situation and take advantage of it to produce success.

4. Learn from past failures and is not crippled by them

Resilient individuals learn from the mistakes of the past but do not hold on to them. They see failure as a vital part of the learning process and turn it around to favour them in the long run.

5. Attaches failure to the failed project, not themselves

Resilient individuals say “the project failed” not “I failed.” They do not see themselves as failures.

6. Go-getters

They set goals and go hard in achieving those goals.

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7.Value relationships

Resilient individuals know the value of human relationships. They know that no man is an island and that no matter how strong they may seem, they also need people around to encourage them.

Be resilient today!

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