How to Connect to God When You Feel Alone and Distant

There was a time it felt like God was far from me, I was weak to pray and even when I did, it felt like it was just a waste of time.

I was frustrated and miserable and I began to question myself, could it be that God is angry with me, did I do something wrong, or perhaps my village people were at work again, so many thoughts.

Guess what? They were all lies, that was what the devil wanted me to believe, he wanted me to believe that I was so filthy and I couldn’t go to God because he was going to turn his back on me and that made me wallow in a very deep pit and I couldn’t call for help because I thought I deserved it. … More How to Connect to God When You Feel Alone and Distant


You are Not Alone

To anyone going through that time in life where it seems as though you are alone in the world, this is a reminder that ‘you are not alone’. Life must always happen to everyone at some point, but it doesn’t mean you won’t get through it. You are not alone, you have got the unconditional Love and support of Jesus. … More You are Not Alone