How to Connect to God When You Feel Alone and Distant

I know I am not alone in this, most times it feels like we are all alone in a world of our own. There are times we want to be heard, times we want to be noticed, times we want to be assured that we are not in this alone.

There was a time it felt like God was far from me, I was weak to pray and even when I did, it felt like it was just a waste of time. I was frustrated and miserable and I began to question myself, could it be that God is angry with me, did I do something wrong, or perhaps my village people were at work again, so many thoughts. Guess what? They were all lies.

That was what the devil wanted me to believe, he wanted me to believe that I was so filthy and I couldn’t go to God because he was going to turn his back on me and that made me wallow in a very deep pit and I couldn’t call for help because I thought I deserved it.

But then, I got another chance. Another chance to remind my self of who I am in Christ since I had forgotten about my identity, another chance to live the God kind of life, another chance to call on him, to be his friend and his daughter, another chance to let him in.

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Step 1

Be aware that he is always there, through the storm, the peace, the good and the bad. Always have it in mind that he never left.

Step 2

Come to him with a sincere heart, pouring it all out, telling him exactly how you feel and just let him pat you on the back and say child, everything is going to be fine ☺.

Step 3

Pray, pray, pray and keep praying. God hears us and he wants us to ask. Remember you can only receive when you ask. Have that conversation with him.

Step 4

Study and meditate on his words and do not forget to make positive affirmations.

Remember that the devil wants to cause a total separation between you and God. He wants that distance to be there, hence why he keeps feeding us with lies. So, the next time he tries one of those tricks, let him know you already talked to God and he reassured you. Let him also know that God already promised that he won’t leave us neither would he forsake us. That means he is always with us.

Do you sometimes feel distant from God? Is this something you have managed before? How did you go about it?


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