You are Not Alone

To anyone going through that time in life where it seems as though you are alone in the world, this is a reminder that ‘you are not alone’.

To that teenager facing bully every time in school, know it today that you are not alone.

To that student out there who keeps having issues with his or her academic grades, know it today that you are not alone.

To that fellow who is always having issues with relationships and it seems as if the word love isn’t for you, know it today that you are not alone

To that brother who knows that he is really sinking deep in the mire of sin and thinks all of the restoration is lost for him, you are not alone.

Life must always happen to everyone at some point, but it doesn’t mean you won’t get through it.

In the walk of Faith, every day won’t be Christmas- full of happiness and celebration. There are days when you will have to weep bitterly but it doesn’t mean that you are down and out.

Jesus said, ‘Lo and behold, I am with you always, even till the end of time’, and the acceptance of that word is enough to get you out of any challenge you may be faced with.

You are not alone, you have got the unconditional Love and support of Jesus. He alone is worth more than a million family and friends that the world may have to offer you.

You are not alone, He is sufficient to see you through academics, relationship, crisis, setbacks, sin, etc.

Stand firm, you are not alone, tho He may tarry, but He won’t take forever before taking hold of you.

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