Don’t Copy Effort

According to Walter Bagehot (1872), The propensity of man to imitate what is before him is one of the strongest points of his nature.

It is tempting to just copy what others are doing or to copy what anyone is doing. You think it is “Clearly working for them” and then try to go through all the efforts of creating a new idea or ideas on your own but your work doesn’t get recognized.

We can actually learn from looking at what others do well, but when we try and copy practices, processes, and techniques most of the time, we fail. The entire system works together to create results. When we try to copy from one system and place it into another, it is very unlikely to work well. When it does work well, it is usually a very simple process that has a few interactions or dependencies with the containing system.

The thing is, even if you know quite alright that your work isn’t that good, it will be most likely due to your lack of attention and engagement you experience. Some of us get to do some creative works because we have a good taste for it. But after a while, something rings in your mind that your work is not that good but trying to be good; it has potential but it’s not.

But if we keep being persistent, eventually the door will open because success comes through sustained effort.

Learning from what others do well can be effective if done properly. To improve your practices, you can see what works for others, pick the principles for that success and then determine how to adapt them to your situation.

Don’t copy effort; learn from already laid down principles.

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