Teenage Pregnancy 

A lot of teenagers have fallen into lots of traps they never knew they could fall into because they thought “well, that could never happen to me”. However, it is easy to enter a potentially risky situation.

Unfortunately, many teenagers approach the issue of sex with this same mindset and get pregnant every year. Teenagers, however, facing an unplanned pregnancy, must make life-changing decisions at an age when they are not ready to. At that stage, they are simply unprepared to deal with the plethora of new responsibilities and life changes, associated with motherhood.

Preventing teenage pregnancy requires a lot of commitment from parents. Given the normal teenage desires for freedom and independence, parents find it uncomfortable and embarrassing to talk with their children about sex. They then dedicate this role to the education system to provide their children with basic knowledge about sex and pregnancy prevention.

There are however cases of teenagers, after lots of sex education, falling into this same trap of teenage pregnancy.

You should accept the fact that the deal has already been done and know that committing suicide or going back to your shell isn’t the best thing to do.

By default, the first thought that comes to such teenager’s mind is to settle for abortion. This has taken so many lives and teens who find themselves in this situation are in a dilemma of either going for an abortion and risking death or keeping the child under the blaming eyes of adults around. They feel stigmatised and depressed. They blame themselves for not knowing better to fall into that trap. They are virtually disappointed in themselves.

However, this is not a stage to play the blame or pity game. It is not time to give up on your dreams. It is a time to get up and face real life.

If this is the same situation you are, I want you to know that it is not the end of your dreams. Surround yourself with people who love you and can relate to your life. Join a teens parent group too and seek out a mentor. Having a baby is not a death sentence for your future, you can still be what you want to be. Fine, it won’t be easy and convenient for you, but when it feels uneasy, just look up to God and his unconditional love. He’s got your back always.

My advice is that you have a plan for you and your little one. Remain focused and work towards being the best you can ever be.

Look here, I love you but God loves you more.

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