How to Handle an Unwanted or a Teenage Pregnancy

My aunt was recently delivered of a set of twins after three kids. It was a joyous thing for everyone around her. I was so happy that we now have twins in our family, not until she opened up and said she wasn’t really happy about these kids. I was shocked hearing her say this and I asked myself “who gets sad about having kids, even when married?”

As much as people (married and unmarried alike) try to prevent teenage or unwanted pregnancies, situations arise where prevention fail. As a result, different thoughts cross their minds and they get to ask questions like: What can I do when I get pregnant as a teenager? How do I handle social stigmatization of an unwanted pregnancy?

Some even go as far as thinking of aborting such pregnancies saying “I do not want this pregnancy.” “My parents mustn’t know that I got pregnant.” “I am not ready to mother a child.” Furthermore, family planning sometimes fails for most married adults. They feel so sad and sometimes angry saying things like “I have four kids already and I am pregnant again!

So many things cross people’s mind at this stage and the mind is not in any way at ease. As much as I do not support teenage pregnancies, I believe it is not the end of the world for such a teen if such happens and hence this article on how to handle an unwanted or teenage pregnancy.

Steps to take in handling an unwanted or teenage pregnancy.

1. Calm down

Yes, calm down. A lot of things might have crossed your mind at a spot. Teenage or unwanted pregnancy is one of the most difficult things to face in life as a lady. You might feel emotions like anger and guilt. You might even be faced with some sort of denial. You might also experience anxiety, fear, shock and depression. But the first thing you should do is take a deep breath in and out. Now do it: Calm down, breathe in and breathe out. Good.

2. Keep the baby

Decide to keep the baby. Abortion is not an option. Your baby is coming to this world on its own to enjoy and fulfill purpose. Fine, you deciding not to keep the baby may save you the humiliation and social stigmatization. But it’s to a greater cause if you keep the baby. You’ll be safe from uncertainties of complications if you did an abortion and you’ll be raising a very beautiful and glorious child. It is going to be your joy.

3. Talk to someone you can trust

It is a different case if you’re married already and are unexpectedly pregnant. The good news is you already have someone to talk to, your husband. Open up to him and decide to embark on this journey together. It’ll be easier. You can also talk to people around you to make the journey smooth.

But if it is the case that you’re pregnant out of wedlock, look for an elderly person that you can trust, to talk to. This person must be someone that won’t be so harsh on criticising you, but someone that’ll look beyond the mistakes and ensure you have a hitch-free journey. It could be your mother, best friend, relatives and so on. Just don’t bottle it up.

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4. Eat a healthy diet

During pregnancy, you will need more folic acid, calcium, iron and other essential nutrients. Research has also shown that a daily prenatal vitamin can help fill any gaps.

5. Stay physically active

Regular activity can help ease your discomfort and boost your energy level. So, do that regularly.

6. Gain weight wisely

Gaining the right amount of weight can support the baby’s health and help you lose weight after delivery.

7. Avoid risky substances

Alcohol, tobacco and any illegal drugs are off-limits during pregnancy. Even the use of supplements and prescription and over-the-counter medications deserve caution.

8. Take childbirth classes

These classes can help you prepare for pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding and parenting.

9. Prepare for the future

It is no longer your life alone. It is yours and your baby’s. Get something to do and ensure you take care of yourself and the baby.


I can’t overemphasize the place of prayer in this. Pray and commune with your father to lead you through this journey you’re about to go on. Do not feel distant to him. Draw nearer to him. You need him now more than ever and I wish you the best of luck on this journey you’re embarking on.

I hope this post helps someone. Feel free to drop a comment and share this post with someone who needs it.


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