Constituents of Emotional Intelligence

To start with, what does emotional intelligence mean? Emotional intelligence or EI is the capability to identify and control your own emotions, and those of the people around you. Emotionally intelligent people know what they’re feeling, what their emotions mean, and how these emotions come to affect other people.

As your IQ means a lot to you, so should your emotional intelligence. Of course, everything about you won’t be perfect until your emotions have been mastered.

With that being known, it is important to graduate into what constitutes emotional intelligence itself.

Based on research, emotional intelligence is summed up by these 5 things.

5 Constituents of Emotional Intelligence

1. Self- awareness

This is the ability to take into cognizance one’s values, interests, disinterests, strengths, weaknesses and how they are projected towards people. Self- awareness is central to emotional intelligence as this helps you come to terms with yourself.

2. Self- regulation

Once you’re aware of yourself, the ability to regulate your emotions becomes imperative. That way, impulses won’t set your environment on fire. And you’ll be able to rationally think before you act.

3. Motivation

This is a drive to diligently pursue goals for reasons that exceed materials : fame, money, status. It is a kind of passion that keeps rugged even in the face of multiple odds and failure and sticks to commitment when going gets tough.

4. Empathy

The ability to understand the emotional composition of other people, treat them accordingly and give fair judgement is empathy. It helps you sustain relationships, build influence, deliver active service.

5. Social skills

This is the dexterity to retain relationships and create networks. It is the proficiency to find common grounds and build extensive rapports. It makes you become a better leader of teams and an initiator of change. And of course, it increases your credibility with people.

Learning and working on all of these constituents will sure help you on your way to become emotionally intelligent.

How else do you think one can be emotionally intelligent?


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